CRUK CI Gratitude Day - Help Someone Feel Appreciated
Sometimes we all feel a little taken for granted. Gratitude is the simplest, most effective remedy.
1. What do I need to do?
Express your gratitude - a simple thank you - to one person (or a group of people) at CRUK CI. Takes 1 min or less right now.
2. What happens next?
We post your thank you onto the dedicated CRUK CI Appreciation Wall. This will go live on Wednesday 7th December. It's a bit like a (not so) secret santa. Your thank you is the present. Everyone 'unwraps' (gets to see them) on 7th December.
3. How will I benefit?
Studies show that you will reduce stress, increase feelings of optimism, encourage confidence in others and meet Rudolph the reindeer (last one is made up but all others are proven by science).

Plus we send you some proven techniques to help you reduce stress & enhance focus in the run up to Gratitude Day.

4. How does it feel to be appreciated?
This is the gift you can provide to someone else. Quite an achievement for 1 mins work.
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To save you time, we have made it super easy for you to submit a gratitude quote below. We will post it onto the CRUK CI Appreciation Wall for you.
Thank them for listening, thank them for chocolate. Or anything in-between. Just get one tiny thank you out there.
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