Pledge your support for Florida's Amendment 4 (Voter Rights Restoration) this November!
Florida's Amendment 4 would restore the vote for most people convicted of felonies who have completed their sentences, including parole and probation, expanding democracy to over 1.5 million members of our communities families, congregations, and workplaces.

For more than a century, our state has presided over one of the most effective efforts to suppress the vote. Florida has, by far, the largest population of people impacted by these tactics.

Like literacy tests and poll taxes in the past, voter suppression tactics such as long voting lines, reduced early voting hours, massive voter purges, strict voter registration restrictions, and voter ID's are engineered to systematically prevent black and brown communities from casting a ballot at disproportionate rates. Felony disenfranchisement is very much a . part of that long history of racial discrimination.

Passing Amendment 4 is one very small step on the path towards building a society based on freedom, justice, and equality for all. It is a second chance for the State of Florida to make amends for its painful history of discrimination.

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