Are you ready for the dockershim removal?
Dockershim deprecation was announced in the version 1.20 of Kubernetes, in December 2020 and it’s final removal is scheduled for the version 1.24. Please answer a few questions to help us decide on the preparedness level.

You can read about the deprecation announcement in the blog post: "Don't Panic: Kubernetes and Docker" ( and get migration instructions in the Migrating from dockershim section of documentation (

If you want to discuss any details of migrating from dockershim, report bugs or adoption blockers, you can use one of the SIG Node contact options any time:

This is a survey of Kubernetes SIG-Node. It is being distributed in order to assess community readiness for the removal of Dockershim. Aggregated data will be published and shared by SIG-Node in public meetings. Individual detail data will be reviewed only by SIG-Node leadership. Contact Sergey to have your data removed from the dataset:
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Do you know that dockershim support will be removed in k8s 1.24?
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Do you feel you have enough information about your migration options and you prepared for the dockershim removal? Please leave a comment in the last question if the answer is "No".
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Do you know what container runtime do you use in your cluster(s)?
If you are still using dockershim for any of your clusters, what is the reason?
How do you run Kubernetes?
What version Kubernetes do you run?
When would you estimate you will adopt the version 1.24 of Kubernetes? The release of this version is scheduled for April 2022, it may be available for you later if managed k8s service is used.
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Do you have other comments regarding dockershim removal from k8s?
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