Custom Blog Design Questionnaire
Congratulations on your first step towards a super cute new blog! Fill this form out with as much detail as possible so I can get a clear sense of what you are looking for in the design. Please note that by filling out the form below, you are agreeing to my terms of service. Looking forward to working together! xo Kirsten
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Design Elements
The basic custom template is $150, and includes header design, coordinating background, coordinating link colors, and installation. All other customized blog elements are an added cost.
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Blog Extras
If you want to include social media icons in your design, please check the outlets you want to include:
Each icon is $5
If the horizontal nav bar is part of your order, please type the headers you want (in the order they appear).
Typical topics can include about, as seen in, features, portfolio, sponsor, popular categories, etc...
If sidebar titles are part of your order, please type the ones you want replaced
Typical widgets include categories, archives, followers, etc...
If sidebar features are part of your order, please type the ones you want replaced
‘About Me’ photos with a description, popular posts/categories, quotes, press features, etc usually fall under this category.
If you want page graphics, please list and describe what pages you want designed.
This is an image that will go on your page instead of plain text. Popular pages are 'about' and 'sponsor'
Design Preferences
This is where you will tell me a little bit about what you are looking for in terms of design and style. You can talk to me about inspiration, color, overall feel...whatever you want!
Notes to the Designer *
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