2017 Little Mekong Night Market Vendor Application
2017 Little Mekong Night Market
June 10, 2017 5:00pm - 12:00 Midnight
June 11, 2017 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Little Mekong Night Market is the Twin Cities’ unique street market festival located in the heart of the Little Mekong District. Inspired by the night markets in Southeast Asia, the mission of our Night Market is to offer unique products, services, and arts & crafts for an exciting community experience. From free cultural performances and engaging activities to enticing new foods and art, there is a lot to do, see, and sample at the Night Market for all ages.

In 2016, about 18,000 people attended the Little Mekong Night Market weekend.

The location of the 2017 will be at the corner of University and Western Avenues in St. Paul, MN.

This year we will collaborate with Northern Spark, an all night art events planned for the Green Line Light Rail. Northern Spark expects about 40,000 attendees along the Green Line.

Applications will go through a selection process to determine a fit for the Night Market. The Little Mekong Night Market is looking for exciting and one-of-a-kind foods, arts & crafts, and experiences that will provide a unique and exciting experience. We will select applicants based on a vendor fitting these qualities. We will notify you by phone or email to let you know if your application is approved and send you instructions on how to pay the vendor fee. DEADLINE: MAY 13, 2017. PLEASE NOTE: if you are selected as a vendor, your approval is NOT confirmed until you have paid the vendor fee.

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I understand that all vendors must have approved licenses from the State of Minnesota (MN Department of Health or Secretary of State). *
I understand I must provide my own electricity if my needs are beyond what can be supplied by AEDA. *
I understand I must have Liability Insurance. *
I understand I must comply with all City of St. Paul and State of Minnesota rules and regulations. *
I understand I must attend a mandatory vendor orientation prior to the event. *
I understand this is a Zero waste event and will comply by the Zero waste rules. *
Would you be interested in purchasing compostable items (such as: forks, plates, bowls, etc.) through AEDA at a competitive rate? *
By submitting this applications, all Night Market participants, including vendors, artists, and performers, agree to grant to AEDA, its successors, licensees and assigns, the perpetual and irrevocable right to use the participant's name, likeness, voice, biography and history for purposes in connection with the Night Market and AEDA's nonprofit mission. *
AEDA relies heavily on grants and sponsorships to pay for the Little Mekong Night Market. I understand vendors are required to provide Night Market sales and revenue information as requested by AEDA. Individual vendor information collected will be kept confidential. *
AEDA does not represent individual vendors. Vendors are responsible for their own tax obligations and compliance as regulated by the government. *
I understand vendors who fail to comply with any of the above requirements and the Night Market Rules and Regulations, will be subject to termination of vending rights at the Night Market and will be prohibited from vending at future Night Market events. AEDA reserves the right to terminate vendor participation at our discretion. AEDA will not provide refunds for accepted application fees if any Night Market requirements and regulations are violated. *
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