Hopkinton Email Notices
Use this form to sign up for one or more email notice groups used by Hopkinton for timely notices.  The Hopkinton Public Library maintains their own listservs, and you can find more info about those here: https://www.hopkintonlibrary.org/signup1.asp
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Select which lists you would like to subscribe to.  You may select any number of lists to subscribe to (one, more then one, or all).  Currently, all subscriptions listed below are managed through the Google Groups service.  Each message sent through this service will have clear instructions for how to unsubscribe if in the future you no longer want to receive notices.  
HopNotices - general government updates
AllAgendasWeb - for copies of all public meeting agendas
BOS Agendas (Select Board Agendas) - for copies of Select Board public meeting agendas and Actions Taken
Planning Agendas and Decisions - Planning Board Public Meeting Agendas
Main Street Corridor Project - For timely information and updates related to the MassDOT Hopkinton Main Street Corridor Project
HPD Press Log - Hopkinton Police Department Activity Log.  As of 2021, it also includes Hopkinton Fire Department Activity.
Water & Sewer - timely information from the Hopkinton Water & Sewer Department.
Public Works at Work for You - Information from Hopkinton DPW/Highway (includes roadwork notices)
Job Postings - Job openings and notices for employment
Ebills - quarterly real estate tax reminders and info
Upper Charles Trail Project - For timely information and updates related to the Upper Charles Trail Project
By using this form to sign up for a list, there may be a delay of up to 5 - 7 business days from the time you sign up until the time you begin to receive notices.  If you have a general question, or trouble with this form, you may call Town Hall at 508-497-9700 or send an email to info@hopkintonma.gov
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