Youth Against Stigmatization
Youth Against Stigmatization is a youth exchange that will take place from the 20th of August to
the 29th of August in Mõedaku, Estonia. The project aims to discuss mental health issues and the
possible causes in social groups and society in general. The possible topics to be addressed can
include body image and eating disorders, social expectations, bullying and abusive behavior,
cultural differences, and self-expression.
The target group for the project is both people coming from difficult backgrounds and youngsters
interested in the topics and making a change in society. Our goal is to create a safe space that
would allow the participants to get empowered to take action in their local communities.
The methods used in carrying out the project will be mainly non-formal learning, intercultural,
individual, and experiential learning. The daily activities include workshops with group
discussions, simulations, role plays, reflection meetings, and much more.
The venue is located in the beautiful countryside of Eastern Estonia, in Mõedaku Spordibaas. The
participants will be accommodated in rooms of 2 to 4 people, mixed countries.
The working language of the project is English. All participants are required to have at least a
basic knowledge to be able to follow the activities.

Youth Against Marginalization will include 25 participants from 4 different countries: Estonia,
Poland, Italy, and Hungary. Each participating organization will send 5 participants and 1 group
leader, except Estonia, which will have 2 group leaders. Please note that the group leaders have
no age limit but must be fluent in the working language (i.e., English). We kindly ask you to keep
in mind the gender balance when selecting participants.
Two participants per organization are to be selected from a background of youngsters with
fewer opportunities, such as economic, geographical, social obstacles, or refugees.
Organization Country of origin Number of participants:

MeOut Hungary 5 participant + 1 group leader

APV in Tartu, Estonia 18th of June – 21st of June

YE 20th of August to
the 29th of August
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