AFC16 Division Administrator Recruitment
Hey! If you are here I assume you have read the recruitment post we put up. I hope the questions are not too overwhelming, they are really just for us to get to know you, so do not worry too much about your responses!

As these are submitted, applicants will slowly be contacted and provided the appropriate details for the role.
Who are you? *
Please check your preferred method of communication. *
Based on your response above, please provide the necessary details to reach you. (Steam ID, Discord tag, Email Address, etc) *
Briefly describe your competitive TF2 experience *
Have you taken previously taken up a leadership role in other communities/leagues? *
If yes, please briefly describe the role that you played.
Why would you like to be a Division Administrator? *
In two to three points, list down suitable qualities you have that make you a suitable Division Administrator? *
Describe your availability on a typical weekend (I.E. Commitments on Saturday 8pm, mostly free on Sundays, etc) *
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