2020 Holiday e-Market Call for Brands - Shop Small Chicago + Apparel Industry Board, Inc
Shop Small Chicago produces retail and special events that showcase quality products designed by brands based in the Greater Chicago area and the US. We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Apparel Industry Board, Inc -- a Chicago-based non-profit that has long-supported the development of local fashion brands -- this holiday season and will host a holiday e-market on our e-commerce site from November 20 - December 31, 2020! This is an affiliated marketing program with your brand and Shop Small Chicago and AIBI. Wanna sell online with us this holiday season?

- features products designed by you that are preferrably manufactured in the Chicago area on Shop Small Chicago's e-commerce platform. We do understand the challenges of manufacturing and producing an affordable product in Chicago so you set your price. We will not discount it or list it with a discount without your permission. We will add $1 to your retail price and donate it to the AIBI foundation that supports affordable programming and space for designers.

- will showcase up to 4 of your products plus a GIFT CARD redeemable on YOUR e-commerce site or in-person event. The gift card will feature your logo and website and is honored by YOU. If you do not want a gift card, please make a note to us

- is cross-promoted on Shop Small Chicago and AIBI social media channels, distribution lists, and media contacts. We make daily social media posts and send regular email newsletters that feature the products sold throughout the duration of the market

- you agree to have product in stock and dropship products within 1 - 2 days of receipt of the notice of sale on our e-commerce platform and will send directly to the customer. The customer is charged a flat fee of $10 to ship (with the exception of individual items in the paper category which are a flat $3) and we split that fee with you (up to $10.) If your product ships at a considerably higher price, please make a note of this in your line sheet

- if products are damaged or not received by customer, you are responsible for replacing the item(s.) Shop Small Chicago e-commerce site is not accepting returns on items due to the current pandemic but will serve as the Customer Service agent and will work with all parties to find an amenable outcome should the customer express dissatisfaction or request a replacement or compensation which may include a gift certificate or credit to the customer. These costs will be charged back to you (for the cost of product, shipping and processor fees)

- we send a sell-thru report and pay out sales weekly on Mondays via Zelle and Venmo. If there is a fee on the payment platform, it's paid by you and deducted from sales

- $1 is added to the retail price set by you; $1 is deducted from gross sales and paid to and administered by Apparel Industry Board, Inc

- when you select one category for your product, you are paid 75% of revenue generated by the sale in one category (less $1 and 50% of shipping); select additional GIFT category you are paid 70% of revenue (less $1 and 50% of shipping)

- note: why do we take 50% of shipping? Because there is a processing fee for every transaction on the e-commerce platform


To participate, please fill out the SURVEY below then send a LINE SHEET with 4 products and attach 2 images for each product plus your hi-res logo. If you don't have a line sheet, we need the following information in the text of an email message: 3 sentence description of product; variants (colorways, metal, etc); measurements and/or size runs; wholesale/retail price; weight without box, and category. Indicate if you want any items categorized as GIFT (+5% revenue share.) This survey is an application and we reserve the right to reject all or some products and/or edit the description of the products.

All terms and conditions are outlined in our Vendor Agreement, sent prior to our engagement, and must be signed and returned to Shop Small Chicago before we list your products. There is no fee for the Call for Brands. Looking forward to working with you! THANK YOU!
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Select ONE product Category (all are subject to a 25% revenue share.) Select GIFT for a second category for an additional 5% of revenue. We assume you sell in only one category, btw. *
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