Toast & Jam DJs Application
Thank you for your interest in being a Toast & Jam DJ. It’s fun to be a Toast & Jam DJ, but with great fun comes great responsibility.

We are looking for candidates who have DJ experience (radio/events/bars/club/parties/weddings) and own their own equipment. We will consider those without their own gear. While most of the events that we DJ are on the weekends, this position requires extensive preproduction and communication, which will require daily attention.

Because you will be corresponding with clients via email and on the phone, this position requires excellent written, as well as verbal, communication skills. As a representative of the Toast & Jam team, you must be professional, incredibly organized, responsible and self-reliant—and above all, personable and enthusiastic.

Please give us an idea of why you’d be a good Toast & Jam DJ by answering the following questions. These questions are very important in helping us to evaluate your qualifications and attitude toward the job.
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What kind of DJ experience do you have? What kinds of events (weddings/dance parties/radio show/residencies) have you DJed? *
Why do you want to work at Toast & Jam? How did you hear about us? *
How would you describe your taste in music? What are your favorite bands? What are your least favorite bands? *
Please list all the different types of DJ equipment and programs you are familiar with and able to use comfortably. Do you own your own DJ rig (laptop/controller or turntables/speakers/wireless mic)? Are you technically savvy enough to be able to solve a problem should something break or malfunction at an event? *
We book weddings up to a year and half in advance. What is your general availability for the next 12-18 months and are you comfortable with contracting for events that far out? Are you free to work most weekends & are you open to meeting clients during the week? How many events per month are you interested in working? Toast & Jam DJs must work both Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. *
Are you able to lift and carry up to 50lbs? *
Please create a playlist of the first 30 minutes of a cocktail hour. Should appeal to a broad demographic. *
Please create a playlist for the first 45 minutes of a dance set. Should appeal to a broad demographic. *
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