The use of ICT in supporting the academic and social development of pupils with educational behavioural problems within inclusive KS2 classrooms
The objective of this survey is to understand and map teachers’ use of ICT in supporting pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), specifically focusing on behavioural problems that are associated with ICT-based classroom activities. Such analysis of ICT-based practices and the underlying rationales is hoped to provide valuable insights for teachers, education theorists and governmental bodies, thus enabling practitioners to improve teaching practices and their pupils’ learning experiences.
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The present survey instrument has been designed in supporting a doctoral research project focused on understanding the use of ICT in classrooms to support pupils with behavioural needs. Findings from the research project will be published in the form of PhD dissertation, and peer-reviewed academic papers. Neither the thesis, and/or research papers will be including information that could potentially identify individual participants.

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Information about the study and responsible people:
Department: UCL – IOE, Culture, Communication and Media
Name and Contact Details of the Researcher: Abdullah Ciftci (
Name and Contact Details of the Principal Supervisor: Dr Evangelos Himonides, UCL Institute or Education, University College London, Email:, Tel: +442076126599
Name and Contact Details of the UCL Data Protection Officer:
This study has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee: Project ID number: Z6364106/2017/11/99

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