Architect-Client Relationship Survey
Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. I truly value the information you provide. By participating in this survey, you are helping shape the future of architect-client relationships and that of emerging architects.

This research study has been approved by the Ethics and Research Committee in April 2017, at The Glasgow School of Art, United Kingdom. All information provided in this questionnaire will be treated as confidential. Security of the research data is assured during and after completion of the study. You are free to withdraw from this survey at any time. Once started, you must finish recording your responses by pressing next/submit. You can also write to the researcher at ( for any inquiry that you may have.

People typically take 12- 15 minutes to complete this survey.

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Research title:- The architect-client relationship in the digital age: a critical assessment.
"Architecture is a responsive art. Without a client, there is no architecture. A successful client-architect relationship constitutes the cornerstone of fine architecture" (American Institute of Architects (AIA), 1975).

Such-a-way of thinking should have led to stronger solutions, resulting in a closer, more effective long-term relationships with less time wasted in conflict and the negative aftermath. More time for design could have been generated as a further positive outcome by adopting digital technologies and from making such a change in attitude and action (A Guide to successful client relationships: Susan Carmichael, 2002).

This research has an objective of offering a critique (understood as ‘a detailed analysis and assessment of something’) on reshaping architect-client relationship. It will suggest there has always been an immediate need to introduce real-world client interaction in architectural education, and that with the advent of digital technologies, the possibility of fulfilling this need now is much easier than ever before. It will question the popular notion that architect-client relationship is central and relevant only to professional practice and argue that clients must be considered as an inseparable part of architectural education, which is currently focused on aesthetics, particularly for the benefit of prospective students.

Informed consent declaration
I understand that this project is for academic research and the privacy of the information I provide will be safeguarded. I am also aware that I am free to withdraw from this survey at any time and any unprocessed data, previously supplied, will be discarded. The data collected during this study may be published as a part of research papers and articles; including dissertation and books. Any information that could be used to identify me will be kept anonymous. Under these conditions, I have given my permission and consent to be a part of this study.
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