SASA Tax Clinic Volunteer Registration
We are looking for dedicated student-volunteers from the Sprott School of Business to help with SASA's Tax Clinic. This is an excellent opportunity to give back to the Carleton community, while gaining hands-on knowledge of personal taxation. Training will be provided - thus inexperienced volunteers are welcome.
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Note: UFile, the tax software used by SASA Tax Clinic, requires Windows to run. Unfortunately, if you don't have a Windows PC, you will be unable to file taxes, but we may have other roles available for you at SASA Tax Clinic.
Are you willing to use your personal laptop to perform your SASA Tax Clinic responsibilities? *
If you are a co-op student, are you on a work term during the Winter 2021 semester? *
Are you available on Sunday, March 7, 2021 for a virtual training session? (Subject to change) *
Food will be provided.
Are you available between morning and late afternoon from March 20 - March 26) to volunteer at SASA Tax Clinic? *
Note: A minimum of 6 hours total must be committed during this period.
Please select any tax course(s) you have taken at Carleton *
Have you ever filed a Canadian tax return (including your own)? *
Do you have any other tax-related experience or education? *
Have you volunteered at SASA Tax Clinic in previous years? *
Are you enrolled in BUSI 3005 for the Winter 2021 semester? *
Volunteering at SASA Tax Clinic may make you eligible for a bonus mark (subject to change).
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