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Moms Uncut's #1 goal is to provide parents with a judgement free zone. Any parent knows that being a parent is a hard enough job. Adding that, oh-so-helpful (sike) judgmental glance and/or statement, sure does help! ;)

We want to provide parents with content that uplifts their spirits and makes them laugh. Because, well, they know it is the truth!

If you're all about others up during and after this journey we call "parenthood", then we want to get to know you!

Moms Uncut is looking for a few individuals familiar with the whole "parenting" thing. (Bonus points if you're funny!) The peeps will have the opportunity to have their content contributions live on the Moms Uncut website. We'll also blast that thing all over social media, too!

So, in order to get this thing started, please provide us with your e-mail address below and we'll get this application on a roll!

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Moms Uncut Contributor Requirements
In order to become a Moms Uncut contributor we ask a few requirements of you.
These are the requirements of joining Moms Uncut as a contributor. Check all that apply to your current situation. *
What are the perks of contributing to Moms Uncut?
Don't let the Moms Uncut name mislead you. Moms aren't our only audience. We also connect with dads, teenagers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. As well as educators, doctors, and bloggers alike. We like a variety!

Moms Uncut Contributors also have access to any upcoming needs for paid writing assignments with different brands, companies, etc..

Contributing also opens opportunities for you to get your name out there if you are trying to grow your following on social media, your blog, your business, or all of the above. Although, we do respect privacy 100%! We never release your name and/or information without your prior approval.

Moms Uncut also offers contributors access to exclusive, special deals our team comes across.

We are a small team and fairly new. As a result, we are still developing ways to reward our contributors. All contributors are updated when new rewards become available.

About You
This is where we ask simple questions about who YOU are. You'll also have the chance to fill in your social media information. (Which is completely option. But, we promise, we're not spammy and/or stalkers.)
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Moms Uncut Contributor Skills Assessment
We want to see what you know. Plus, evaluate the awesome skills you can bring to Moms Uncut. All questions are optional. If you want to skip this, not a problem.
What's your experience dealing with "parenthood"?
How much time do you spend on social media?
Have you ever created content (blog post, graphics, advertisements, etc.) you've shared with others?
If yes, please provide us with at least ONE example.
Moms Uncut Contributor Requirements Assessment
We try to be pretty lenient on the requirements. We know that life happens. But, just to ensure we both know what we're working with, we want to ensure you understand our super flexible requirements.
Are you able to contribute at least ONE (300+ word) post at least ONCE a month?
Do you have an active Facebook account?
Do you have an active e-mail account you check on a regular basis?
Have questions for us? Share them here. We will reply to them in our e-mail that includes our decision regarding your application.
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