2018- Buy a Successful Business Accelerator Program

Thank you for your interest.

The 2018- Buy a Successful Business Accelerator Program is a group coaching and peer-mentoring program for you and up to 7 other people and lasts the whole year.

Members will work as a group and with each other to do what's required to get ready to meet sellers, then go do it and make deals happen.

Here's what you can look forward to:

-22 group calls (recorded for reference)
-Business analysis done live in group calls
-Play-by-play accounts of actual negotiations between group members and sellers
-See the actual preparation done for the bank once we get the first deal on the table
-Witness due-diligence guidance from David to the first members to get deals on the table.
-Peer accountability partners
-At least one individual call with David
-'Pick my brain' access to David via e-mail
-A private FaceBook group where you can share challenges, encouragement and documents
-A quick-start call for those who register before November 1, 2017

This is a real opportunity to get a front row seat to see your dreams and those of other group members come true.

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