Statutory Training - 1 September 2020
Thank you for participating in today's online statutory training briefing in which you were provided with the latest Health & Safety and Safeguarding powerpoint slides to read, scenarios to work through and this questionnaire which demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of safeguarding, acts as a register of attendance and is a declaration that you have completed the online PD day in its entirety, this will information will be kept on your personnel file.
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Which school/office do you primarily work from? *
What are the 3 categories in the PREVENT agenda? *
What policies and information should be made available to all staff and volunteers that relate to child abuse and safeguarding?
Do you know who the DSL is that you should report any concerns to during term time and what are their contact details? *
Who are the alternative DSL persons to contact if the DSL is not available and what are their contact details? *
What does the abbreviation LADO stand for? *
How would you recognise a child suffering from emotional or mental health issues? *
Have you signed an online safety acceptable use agreement to keep yourself and children safe? *
To whom would you report a concern about another adult’s behaviour including the Principal? *
Where can you find your Academy/Trust Safeguarding Policy? *
What do you understand by and how would you recognise peer on peer abuse? *
What is ‘County Lines’? *
What is understood by ‘upskirting’? *
DECLARATION - please tick the following to confirm you have completed all aspects of your training, this information will be passed to your Academy Head and kept on your personnel file: *
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