Resourcing Futures Generations: Feedback on White Paper
Mineral resources and future supply. The survey has 8 questions.
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1. How familiar are you with the aims of the IUGS Resourcing Future Generation Initiative?
Not familiar with RFG aims
Familiar with RFG aims
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2. How supportive are you of the aims of Resourcing Future Generations?
Problems with some aims
Strongly supportive of most aims
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3. From the following aims of RFG, which do you feel are most important?
Pick one or more that represent your views:
4. Turning to the White Paper, what is your feedback on content and scope? Which areas should be strengthened?
5. In presenting a comprehensive analysis of 21st century supply and demand, which factors should be considered (in addition to land access, geologic knowledge, energy and water, technology)?
6. Finally, in terms of IUGS' role in presenting the initiative - can you suggest useful collaborators?
7. Any other comments
8. If you wish to be notified of future updates (or wish to contribute to RGF), please leave your name and email
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