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Finally, we are so glad that you are joining us as a March for Science satellite! We ask that all individuals and organizations who participate as part of the MFS Network follow the below community standards. By submitting this form, you agree to adhere to the below standards.
The March for Science movement can only be a success if we work as a cooperative, proactive, and supportive community with a priority of working toward our shared goals of supporting and advocating for science.

We aim to strengthen the relationships within the scientific community by giving organizations a place to communicate and collaborate. For example, MFS platforms can be used to discuss: Organizing the 2018 march for science; Progress in organizing events or campaigns around Vote for Science; Updates on projects that you’re working on related to science policy, outreach, education, advocacy; Questions for the community about related topics (e.g. How do I get started on organizing a lobby day? Does anyone have contacts at XYZ organization?); Conversations about challenges and opportunities within the science community; Brainstorming potential collaborations (and then planning them!); Conversations around the future of the movement; Discussions around topics in the news and our approach to it.

By participating as a member of the March for Science network on any platform (Intranet, Slack, Google Drive, telephone, email, etc) you agree to abide by the following standards of respectful community engagement. If you violate these guidelines, you will be given a warning. The second violation will result removal from all platforms operated by March for Science. You will have the opportunity to appoint another organization/city representative to serve in your place. The March for Science moderating team reserves the right to immediately remove users from the platform for egregious violations of these standards. Organizers may request a review of their case from the compliance officer of the March for Science organization.

Be polite and respectful to everyone here. Dissent and disagreement within the community is to be expected, and in many cases, is important for moving us forward. We encourage open discussion but ask that wherever possible we propose solutions, not just grievances. Roadblocks should set us off on new paths that strengthen us in the future, not be disruptions that leave us spinning our wheels. Working together is the best way to create and improve a thriving movement.

We bring a diverse set of experiences, positions, and opinions to the table. Our individual stances will not always be in perfect alignment, but we must operate here on the baseline understanding that we are working toward the common mission of the March for Science. When issues arise, your default assumption should be misunderstanding, not malice.

We will not tolerate under any circumstances personal attacks, bullying, mockery, harassment, or silencing -- either in the public forums or via private messages. We will not tolerate racist/sexist/discriminatory/violent language. Whether they are microaggressions or outright hate speech, offensive comments about sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, neuroatypicality, language ability, education, religion, and ethnicity are unacceptable and will not be allowed in this space.

Language that promotes violence, illegal activities, spam/marketing for commercial ventures, etc is also a violation of the community standards.

Diversity and inclusion in STEM is a fundamental tenet of our organization and is similarly essential to our conversations as a team. Be aware of your own innate biases and sensitive to the fact that the voices of socially and culturally empowered groups often drown out the voices of historically marginalized to disastrous effects. If someone tells you that they or a group feels silenced in this community, do not dismiss them -- reevaluate your behavior and recommit yourself to lifting up the voices of underrepresented minorities in science both within the March for Science community and the science community as a whole. Do not dismiss or deflect an issue raised by members of a marginalized group to which you do not belong. Pay attention when people of color are ignored or silenced, when men get credit for the ideas of women, and when people presume incompetence of underrepresented minorities. Speak up.

We represent people from all over the globe. We must highlight the voices from areas often left out of the science conversation. If you notice that you are dominating a conversation to the exclusion of others, step back and seek out the thoughts of others in the community.

Diverse perspectives are an asset which draw from unique experiences, resources, and knowledge. We cannot lose them in this movement. The March for Science pulled the issues of diversity and inclusion in science to the forefront in a painful conversation and we will continue to work towards improving science for all. Part of that means preventing the pervasive biases that permeate a lot of work cultures from taking hold in the March for Science movement. We cannot demand of the scientific community something that we do not stress within our own.

We may amend this agreement going forward should other concerns arise that require specific guidelines. You will be notified of any changes made in the future.

Please address any concerns or report any issues to

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