Mannered Mutts Foster Application
Thank you for your interest in fostering for Mannered Mutts Rescue! Without fosters, this rescue wouldn't be possible! Please answer the following questions before deciding to foster. We want to ensure the best possible match between foster parents and a companion animal. This program is an important and often life-saving alternative to shelter life
for specifically selected companion animals.
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Some of the potential dogs that need fosters will be young puppies, will you would willing to help potty train them & crate train them? *
Do you rent or own? *
If you rent, is your landlord aware that you are wanting to foster? *
Do you have a fenced in yard? How high is the fence? If no, leave blank. (Note that not having a fence does not negatively impact your foster application.) *
Occupation & Work Hours: *
How often will the foster be alone? Where will he/she be kept while alone? *
Some of the dogs in our foster care will require vet visits (Booster vaccinations, surgeries, etc.) Would you be willing to transport the animal to and from his/her vet visits when applicable? *
Do you have any current pets? *
If yes, please note pet(s) name(s), age(s) and breed(s) *
Are your current animals up to date on vaccinations, altered (spayed & netured), up to date on flea & tick & heartworm preventative? (If you do not currently own any animals, choose other.) *
Veterinarian & Clinic Phone Number: (Please note that we will do a vet check before placing a foster in your home.)
Do any of your current animals have any behavioral issues that we should be aware of prior to placing a foster in your home? *
Foster animals can take some time to adopt out and while we will try to find the best potential home for them, how much time would be too much time for you to foster? *
What would cause you to stop fostering your animal? *
Do you agree that if you can no longer foster the animal that you will return them to Mannered Mutts Rescue? *
Have you had an experience with training? (i.e doing obedience classes, self trained own dog etc.) If so, please explain what and how you trained and what tools you’ve used *
Are you willing to go through some free basic training  to learn how to work on teaching the basic obedience and manners with your foster dog?
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Tell us a little about yourself. Your lifestyle, hobbies outside of work as well as any activities you do that your foster can join in on! *
What does a foster parent do?
I agree to receive and care for the foster pet in my home until the time the animal is adopted. I will be responsible for feedings, daily hygiene and providing a safe and clean environment; making sure it gets proper exercise and mental stimulation (that includes playtime); making sure the pet follows the vaccination schedule given by the rescue; transporting your foster pet to its veterinarian appointments if necessary; and lastly to give lots of love and affection to an animal who needs it the most.

Mannered Mutts Rescue will provide food and vet care for foster pets which will either be picked up or dropped off at a determined time and date by a Mannered Mutts Rescue representative.

I will not sell or give away any animal in my care to a research facility, pet shop, dog broker/breeder or puppy mill, or to any other person or business without written permission from Mannered Mutts Rescue. In the event that I am no longer a member of Mannered Mutts Rescue or am unable to care for the pet any longer, I agree to immediately  return any foster animal(s) in my care at that time, as well as all records and property belonging to Mannered Mutts Rescue. The length of time a pet is in foster care is at the sole discretion of the rescue and pets can be required to be returned at any time. I agree to adhere to any and all foster guidelines.

I have completed this application to the best of my ability and knowledge. I have made no misstatements or misrepresentations.

Upon receipt and review of your completed application a member of Mannered Mutts Rescue will contact you to set up a meeting to go over the foster program policies. We will also contact your vet if you have other pets to ensure they are up to date with vetting.

Being a foster parent to a rescue pet is a demanding, yet gratifying job. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application.
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