Parking and Driving on Campus

    Students should print and save a copy of the rules for parking and driving on campus. Please read rules below before submitting form:

    Students who drive vehicles to school will park at their own risk and must understand that the school cannot be held responsible for the vehicle or its contents. Students should adhere to the following guidelines and procedures: 1. Student permits cost $35 for the year. 2. Permits may be purchased at the main office. 3. A valid driver’s license, tag number, and description of the vehicle are required at time of purchase. Information for multiple cars must be provided if applicable. 4. All cars parked on campus must have a valid permit. Cars without permits may be ticketed or towed at owner’s expense. 5. Sale or transfer of permit between students is prohibited. 6. Replacement for lost or stolen pass is $5. 7. Students must park in the gravel parking lot, facing the school. Students may park along the back row, or on the front row between the outer light posts and the boundary created by the curved walkway at the front door (leave the center section of front row open for visitors). 8. All vehicles will be subject to search if reasonable suspicion of violation of a school rule exists. 9. For the safety of all students, a 5-mph speed limit will be strictly enforced on both campuses. Reckless driving will result in loss of parking privileges. No warnings will be issued. 10.Drivers should yield to pedestrians at all times. 11.Students are not allowed to ride in the bed of a pickup truck for any reason (moving equipment, sports practice, etc.) 12.No loitering in the parking lot. Students should bring all items into the school, and may not return to the parking lot without requesting permission from the office. 13.Any violations will be subject to revocation of parking pass. 14.Off-campus parking is not permitted, except for the purpose of carpooling and with permission from business or property owner. 15.Passes must be returned at the end of the year. Missing passes will result in a $5 fine. Students who return passes in a timely manner will receive $10 off parking the following school year. Driver’s License Certification of Attendance Students must fill out a form and submit to the office. Please allow up to 48 hours to process and return form. ADAP Students can register themselves for eADAP on the DDS website.