Academic Scholarship
Agape Life Ministries has always been dedicated to the pursuit of higher knowledge and bettering
oneself. In an effort to support our goals we are offering a $2000 scholarship to applicants who
meet the criteria described below.

Application Start Date:
To be considered for this scholarship the applicant must provide the following documents before
the deadline:

• Completed Application
• High School and/or College Transcript
• 2 Letters of Recommendation
• Resume

Application Deadline:
All application materials should be emailed to by April 30th,
2019. Please send application materials in one email in PDF format. Any incomplete application
received after the deadline will not be considered.

This is a supplemental scholarship meant to ease the burden taken on by students at the college
level. This scholarship aims to help offset the cost of books, food or rent. By decreasing the
amount any awardee would need to work to pay these bills, they can devote more time to God and
the pursuit of higher learning.

Applicants must be either enrolled in an undergraduate program at an accredited college or a high
school student in their graduating year.

The ideal applicant has above a 2.5 GPA and a good set of extracurricular activities. Agape life
ministries is looking to invest not only in the future of the awardee, but in the future of the church.
We, therefore, will be looking for applicants who have shown an interest in organizing church

We encourage all applicants to take advantage of the information session to help them be more

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First Name *
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Zip Code *
Phone Number *
Educational Information
High School Name *
Weighted GPA *
Expected Graduation Date *
Current GPA *
List (Prospective) College Name(s) *
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Extracurricular Activities/Position Held *
List (Expected) College Major(s) *
Applicants must provide 2 letters of recommendation to be considered.
The most effective letters will be from people who can vouch for:

Your academic ability
Your leadership potential
Your spirituality

On the recommendation make sure that they indicate how long they have known you and in what capacity. Recommendations may not be sent by the applicants. They must come directly from the recommender to or mailed to Agape Life Ministries, Inc. 8568 Laureldale Drive, Laurel MD 20724
Attention : The Scholarship Committee

Choose 2 of the 4 essays topics shown below and answer the question provided.
Please limit all answers to one page in length double spaced (500 – 750 words).
Q1. The 2019 theme for Agape Life Ministries, Inc. is: Blessed to be a blessing (Genesis 12:2). Describe a time in your life when either: (1) someone has been a blessing to you or (2) how you have been a blessing to someone else.
Q2. Describe your spiritual growth over the last 3 years with Agape Life Ministries. Be sure to use any examples of ministry work that you’ve accomplished.
Q3. What do you hope to accomplish with your degree in 5 years?
Q4. What do you consider your greatest achievement? What was your biggest roadblock in achieving it and how did you get past it?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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