Wrentham Public Schools Substitute Training
For the safety and well-being of our students, the Wrentham Public Schools encourages all substitutes to carefully read and review the following information. Please verify that you have read each section by clicking the button below.
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Substitute teachers are expected to maintain the same confidentially as all other building staff. Breaking confidentiality is grounds for dismissal.

All information is confidential regarding anything that involves:
*School Administrators
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Attendance/Lunch Count
Take attendance by 8:30am.

Collect dismissal notes and include with attendance.

Call or send absences and dismissal changes to main office.

Pre-K, K and 1 Mrs. Rando/Ms. Goddard Ext. 1000
2 and 3 Mrs. Dumas Ext. 4000
4, 5, and 6 Mrs. Chambers Ext. 3000

Take lunch count.
Call or send lunch count to cafeteria by 8:30am.
Delaney Ext. 1230
Roderick Ext. 3070
I understand and agree to follow Attendance/Lunch Count Procedures *
Getting Ready in the Classroom
*Arrive 15 minutes early.
*Check in at main office, get a name badge, door pass etc.
*Write your name on a piece of paper and place on the smart board.
*Check schedule for specials (art, music, PE, tech or health)
*Write schedule, if not already provided.
*Review plans provided for the day.
*Set expectations with the students.
*Determine Emergency Procedures-Exits etc.
*Provide teacher with notes about the day including behavior, academics, etc.
I understand and agree to follow Classroom Procedures *
Health Office Visits
Many students like to visit health office when a substitute is present.

*Confirm there is a real need, such as bleeding, vomiting, etc.
*Send with a peer.
*Nurses can provide breakfast and snacks.
*Please encourage a students to check their backpack if they are saying they are without a snack.
*Include note on sub plan if there is a lack of snack.
*If student is ill at end of the day, check with nurse on the way to buses, with the students backpack and coat if applicable.
I understand agree to follow Health Office Visits Procedures *
Classroom Management
*Introduce yourself to students.
*Review student/routine information provided by teacher.
*Communicate with focused, calm persistence that you want cooperation.

*Call the office ext. 1000-Delaney, 3000-Roderick and define the issue-support will be sent after triage
*Circulate to all areas of the classroom when teaching and while students work.
*Keep notes to share with teacher.
I understand and agree to follow Classroom Management Procedures *
Instructional Expectations
Most lessons can be divided into 5 sections:

*Initiation: Start of lesson when you tell students what they will learn.
*Instruction: Show and explain to the students what you want them to know or be able to do. Use visuals to help students understand new concepts.
*Guided Practice: Practice the concepts or skills you just taught them as a whole class.
*Independent Practice: The students complete work independently.
*Closure: This is the end of the lesson. It is important to summarize what the students learned and the next steps.
I understand and agree to follow Instructional Expectations *
I understand and agree to follow the WPS Emergency Protocols *
Student Dismissal- 2:45
*Review dismissal plans provided by teacher.
*All students are walked by the teacher around the bus circle between the Delaney and Roderick School.
*Buses are NOT in numerical order- please follow teacher’s map or written directions.
*After bus circle, Roderick and Delaney students for family pick up may be dropped in Delaney Cafeteria, located near the Kindergarten wing.
*YMCA students go to Delaney Gym or the Roderick.
*Dismissal changes must be in writing or office notification. Please send any notes to the office.
*Any Questions? Please call the office!
I understand and agree to follow Student Dismissal *
Substitute End of Day Checklist
Provide teacher with feedback regarding:
*Material taught
*Assignments missed
*Student behavior
*Other pertinent information

*Save notices, notes from parents, etc.
*Ensure classroom is in reasonable order.
*Check out at office prior to leaving.
Other Information
*Available jobs posted on Aesop/Absence Management. See Laurie Dumas in Superintendent’s office for questions.
*School hours are 8:00am to 3:00pm.
*30 min. unpaid lunch.
*Check in at the main office in either school.
*See Nancy Nickerson (in Superintendent’s office Janelli Annex) for login code.
*Check local TV and radio stations for notice of delayed opening or school cancellations for inclement weather.
*Please keep cell phone on silent and use during lunch times only.
*If your own children attend WPS, please refrain from visiting their classroom unless you have made a prior appointment with the teacher.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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