TAISM Bus Service Information and Guidelines
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Busing to and from TAISM is arranged by the school through a private contract with Sahban United. The service is facilitated through our Operations Office in room 115 (2459-5180, Ext. 110). Mr. Badar Al Mamari, Safety and Security Manager and Ms. Anu Gokul, Secretary in the Operations Office can assist you with busing matters throughout the year. TAISM works closely with our busing contractor to provide good service while keeping our students safe. If you are requesting busing for school year 2019-20, you must complete and submit the online Bus Service Request prior to August 20, 2019. The online form is available at the bottom of this information letter.

In the following guidelines, you will learn about the features of the bus service, rules and regulations for students on the bus, and additional busing information for parents.

Features of the bus service include:

* All buses are fitted with GPS tracking systems to monitor driving, bus speed, and routes taken.
* Training and road safety awareness courses are given to all drivers.
* Monitors are chosen who are caring and committed to student safety.
* Regular maintenance reports are submitted on each bus.
* Drivers are monitored to ensure safe driving.

Rules and Regulations for Students on the Bus

The same rules of student conduct apply on the bus as they do in the school. In addition to the normal school rules, the following actions are prohibited on school buses:

* Playing loud music
* Throwing objects
* Behaving inappropriately at bus stops
* Exiting the bus at an alternate stop without permission
* Being excessively loud
* Standing, laying down, or unbuckling the seat belt while the bus is moving
* Not using seat belts
* Extending arms, legs or any other body part out of the window
* Eating or drinking (except water)
* Being disrespectful to the monitor, driver, or fellow passengers

Students who violate these bus rules will be referred to their Principal. Persistent or flagrant violations are grounds for restriction or denial of bus privileges, and no refund will occur. The drivers and monitors operate in a collaborative manner with the Operations Department and will refer issues to us directly, and in some instances will speak to the parent as well.

Additional information and guidelines for parents

* Students in Grades EC–2 will not be dropped at home unless an adult (or sibling, Grade 6 or older) is present at home.
* Students in Grades 3-5 will be dropped at home and observed going into the house, even if an adult is not present at home.
* Students in Grades 6-12 will be dropped at home even if an adult is not present at home.
*Busing is offered solely on a full or half-year basis.
* Students wishing to ride a different bus or exit at a different stop on a given day (other than the regularly assigned bus) must present a note to the Operations Office, signed both by a parent and the Principal’s office.
* Please inform the bus monitor in advance when your child will be taking an alternative form of transport. If you are not able to contact the monitor, please contact the Operations Office Secretary, Ms. Anu Gokul 9901-5111, or the Bus Monitor (number to be provided at the start of the school year).
* For liability reasons, guests and visitors are not allowed to ride the TAISM buses.
* Bus availability after shifting house and relocating to other parts of Muscat is not guaranteed. You should check with the Operations office before you move to see if bus service is available in your new residential area. The Operations office will need advance notice of a minimum of 3 working days notice to start from a new location.
* No guarantees are made about particular routes or collection timings; these are at the discretion of the school and the busing provider.
* Scheduled arrival and departure times of buses will be informed to parents in advance, but are subject to change based on traffic and other factors. You are asked to have students ready and waiting five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive in the morning out of courtesy to other riders.

If you have comments or concerns regarding any aspect of the bus service, please contact Mr. Badar Al Mamari, Safety and Security Manager or Ms Anu Gokul (gokula@taism.com) at TAISM's Operations Office

Best regards,
Operations Department

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