10th - 12th Grade Our Whole Lives Registration Form
Comprehensive Sexuality Education for 10th—12th Graders
10 sessions and a parent orientation program

Trinity Church of Northborough will offer the Our Whole Lives (OWL) class for 10th-12th graders, April 2nd through June 18th from 4:30pm to 7pm.

Honest, accurate information about sexuality is life changing. Comprehensive sex education dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, builds self-acceptance and self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, improves decision making, and potentially saves lives. OWL is a nationally recognized, secular, values-based program that emphasizes self-worth, sexual health, responsibility, and justice & inclusivity.
OWL affirms the role of parents as their children’s primary sexuality educators. OWL covers topics and skills that both parents and students want but that schools are less likely to cover. National surveys show that most parents, as well as educators and students themselves, would expand sex ed courses and curriculum. OWL does just that.
OWL provides holistic, accurate, and developmentally appropriate information. OWL uses interactive workshops and lessons to engage participants. The program helps students make informed and responsible decisions about sexual health and behavior.

3/26 Parent meeting and orientation with introduction
of the material
4/2 Session 1: Sexual Health and Learning About our Bodies
4/9 Session 2: Sexual Health: Taking Care of our Sexual Selves
4/16 Session 3: Sexual Health: Making Safer Choices
4/30 Session 4: Lifespan Sexuality: Exploring our Sexual Development
5/7 Session 5: Lifespan Sexuality: Becoming a Parent
5/14 Session 6: Lifespan Sexuality: Expressions of Sexuality
5/21 Session 7: Building Healthy Sexual Relationships: Communication
6/4 Session 8: Building Healthy Sexual Relationships: Intimacy, Masturbation and Lovemaking
6/11 Session 9: Building Healthy Sexual Relationships: Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships
6/18 Session 10: Sexuality and Social Issues: Reproductive Rights, Power, Control and Equality

COST: $250 per student
CLASS SIZE: Maximum 15 people. Minimum 8 people.
PAYMENT: Online (https://bit.ly/2OkXAN6) OR Check made payable to “Trinity Church” C/O Sherry Clark, 23 Main Street, Northboro, MA 01532.

Please contact Sherry Clark with any questions:

Trinity Church
23 Main Street
Northborough, MA 01532
(508) 393-8156
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Becoming responsible partners in sexuality education requires leaders and parents to create a safe and healthy environment of trust and respect. Our Whole Lives leaders agree to abide by this organization’s code of ethics, which includes this state’s mandate to report cases of abuse. I/we understand that appropriate feedback will be provided to me/us should the need arise and that all such exchanges will include the appropriate professional leaders of this organization.
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The class fee is $250 with the option to round up your payment to support OWL at Trinity. Financial assistance available if needed, please contact Sherry Clark; trinitycenorthboro@gmail.com
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