2019 Clean50: Canada's Top 15 Sustainability Projects since January 2016 - Deadline Extended to July 16th
This document should only be filled out by a person who has intimate knowledge of the project and the results it achieved.

We are looking for four "I"s: Projects are considered for their IMPACTS from January 2016 through March 31, 2018, their INNOVATION, and their ability to INSPIRE or INFORM the efforts of others.

In your description, please help us to understand the attributes of your project through that lens: Impacts / Innovation / Inspiration / Inform.

While ideally the project should have been started , completed and results measured in that time frame, we will also consider the 2016-2018 RESULTS of any project completed in 2015


The Deadline for submissions is 10 AM EDT July 3rd. If possible - Please allow extra time in the event that we ask for more information that needs to be submitted by the deadline.

The Clean50 Top Projects Award is Sponsored by Delta Management Group - Canada's leading "green professionals" search firm.
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OR - are you reporting the 2016-2018 results of a project completed in 2015
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try for less than 5-8 words. i.e. Parking Lot Horizontal Geothermal Installation
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Tell us the STORY of the project. Starting from the BEGINNING. What initially drove the project, and what were the project objectives *
Give us some context as to the WHY of the project
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Identify the steps / research undertaken before you started *
Include collaboration with 3rd parties (i.e. NGOs, other organizations, Consultants)
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Please describe the project itself - the stages, milestones, method of implementation *
Provide background and context regarding objectives, and method of implementation
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Describe the results achieved *
As best you can, provide metrics. eg. eliminated x tons of GHG, y tons of waste, saved z millions of dollars
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Tell us about the team *
Please identify the size of the team, team members who did the work and their roles
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What were the obstacles you had to overcome to get the project approved, or completed? *
Sustainability isn't easy! Tell us the difficulties you faced - and how you worked through them
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Were there external parties who played a role? If so, please identify the organization, their individual team members, and the form of contribution they made *
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What 3 things in your mind makes this project most worthy of recognition? *
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Do you have pictures which help tell the story? If so, please send them to us, in files named with an organization name we can recognize from your name (i.e. International Business Machines shortened to IBM) and then number each photo in turn (i.e. IBM01.jpg, IBM02.jpg etc.). Provide a caption for each photo. (i.e. "01 - Mary Smith and Raj Patel hold pumpkins grown in the new staff garden" or "02 - cover of Carbon Disclosure Report".) If not, can you get us some? *
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Should your project win, is someone from the team available to travel to Toronto to attend the Clean50 Summit on September 27th 2018 *
Proejct Honourees are notified 21 or more days in advance, and the cost of participation for the first team member is discounted 40% of the regular cost, - Approx $295 - for the full day
Announcing the Clean50 Award, should you win
Please read this carefully.

There is no cost to be considered, or to win any Clean50 Award.
Nor do we require that finalists buy an expensive dinner for 8 people to attend an award ceremony.

IF you win, you will need to sign a licensing agreement (but not pay anything) in order to accept the award.

The publicity we provide is free. And there is no obligation for the organization to self identify as a Clean50 Project Award winners.
HOWEVER - if you win and you do wants to self identify as a Clean50 Top Project Award winner, you will be required to first pay a licensing fee (~$1,400 for a corporation, half that for a B Corp, or ENGO).

Please acknowledge that you understand and accept these conditions *
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How did you hear about the Clean50? *
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Should you win: are you / is the organization interested in additional publicity? *
During the first week of December, The Globe and Mail is generously providing us with two pages in the Report on Business to tell the story of the Clean50 and recognize our sponsors, supporters and champions, as well as the full list and pictures of the 2019 Clean50 individual honourees, the 10 Clean50 Emerging Leaders and the Clean50 Top 15 Projects. The full story of each honouree will appear on our web pages and in the Summit Program. The above is all at no charge to the individuals or organizations who won, and does not require payment of any licensing fees. Beyond that, we expect there will again be 7-10 pages of special coverage of Clean50 winners as part of a Special Clean50 Report series in the Globe and Mail, to run during the same week, with several pages each day in the ROB, similar to those produced over the last 3 years (and visible from the Clean50 website).Some honourees or their employers may be interested in considering advertising participation in the section, either to congratulate the honouree - or to tell the organization's bigger sustainability story. As part of our arrangement with the Globe & Mail, we have enabled such advertising to be purchased at a very significant discount - and all of the paid advertising will be matched by editorial content about the Clean50 and individual honourees / their organizations. Advertisers are provided significant opportunity to propose interesting topics for inclusion in the report, and in most cases, where good content can be found, coverage includes content equal to about 75% of the advertising space purchased. Some participants elect to forego the advertisement and focus entirely on content. The Clean50 organization obtains no direct financial benefit from the Special Report, but obviously sees great reputational value for the Clean50 and participants alike from the coverage the Special Report affords.The timing between learning one is on the Clean50 list - and the deadline for committing to becoming part of the special report is often very short. Please consider now.... If you win, would you wish to be contacted about further publicity? The response to this question has absolutely no bearing on judging - and will only be shared with senior representatives from the Globe (not our advisory team). Because of deadline issues you MAY be contacted before final determination of your Clean50 Award is made, so that if you are interested, the appropriate people in your organization can begin to consider the content of any message you may wish to share, should you ultimately make the list. Inclusion in the special report is limited to current and past Clean50 winners, their employers, and current sponsors. "Well Wishers" are welcome but not themselves eligible for coverage. Content is restricted to issues related to the objectives and those things measured by the Clean50, but not exclusively the accomplishments of the Honouree. The Clean50 has some editorial control, and exercises that to prevent "greenwashing" or inclusion of any story not aligned with Clean50 objectives / values or issues likely to be controversial to Honourees (i.e. is nuclear power "clean" power?)
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