CINQUA / Cameraperson Sports
CINQUA is looking for a skilled junior level documentary camera person.

Candidates must have the following qualities:

- Committed interest in recording sports, especially Basketball.
- Have good understanding of documentary cinematography and documentary storytelling
- Be able to evaluate the shooting environment, and determine potential story potions.
- Be flexible, agile, spontaneous, focused and controlled to get the best shots.
- Be able to find key elements that can be used to build a story. (Eg. potential opening and closing shot, establish the location, a dramatic series of events, a speech or meaningful conversation that can reveal more, the goal of an athlete, a celebrity interaction, etc.)
- Have an understanding of vértié shooting.
- Experienced recording usable natural sound - must be a good listener
- Experienced recording slow motion.
- Some experience editing, or understanding of how the materials are assembled into a story.

Please fill out the below application if you are interested.

- This is a freelance position.
- You MUST live in the New York City area.
- The location is in lower Manhattan. The company office is in Dumbo Brooklyn (for pick up/drop off)
- Most shoots are under 3 hours and typical on evenings, weekends or holidays.
- This is a junior level camera person, thus the rate will reflect this.
- Adjustment of the fee will be considered after three assignments.
- If you use your own appropriate quality gear (camera, lenses and sound) you will be compensated extra.

This is an example of what you might be shooting. -
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VIDEO#1 - Attach a LINK to a DOCUMENTARY VIDEO example you shot (please include example with "nat. sound" and vértié elements) - NO MUSIC VIDEOS!!! *
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