ELIXIR CZ - Survey
The purpose of this survey is to identify needs and common issues of researchers who work with life science data. The results of the survey will be used to give current and potential users more information about what ELIXIR CZ Infrastructure is doing and what could be beneficiary for users and brings solution through ELIXIR services.
ELIXIR CZ will organise INFO Days about ELIXIR CZ and ELIXIR CZ services in Prague, Brno and České Budějovice in upcoming weeks. For more details and information see our website www.elixir-czech.cz
The survey will not take more than 5 minutes, most questions are yes/no type.
1. Name of your institution (affiliation)? *
2. Do you work in a field that produces/processes/works with life science data, e.g. genomics, phenotype data, ...? *
3. What type of data do you work with (specify all relevant areas)? *
4. Can you estimate the percentage of your work you deal with life science data? *
5. Are you an experienced user of bioinformatics tools? *
6. Are you a professional in the field of bioinformatics or in data management? *
7. Do you use bioinformatic or statistical methods for your work? *
8. Are you the user of life science databases such as Uniprot, PDB, etc. *
9. Have you attended training courses or workshops in bioinformatics? *
10. Do you find training courses useful for your work? *
11. Is the capacity of the computing and/or data storage resources at your workplace/laboratory sufficient? *
12. Have you ever heard about ELIXIR or ELIXIR CZ? *
13. Do you know what kind of infrastructure ELIXIR is? *
14. Do you know what services the ELIXIR/ELIXIR CZ offers? *
15. Do you know whether your institution is a member of ELIXIR CZ? *
16. Do you know which colleagues/groups at your institution are members of ELIXIR CZ? *
17. Are you a member of the ELIXIR CZ team (i.e. are you on the payroll of ELIXIR CZ or related projects, such as OP VVV, H2020, implementation studies, etc, involving ELIXIR CZ)? *
18. Have you ever used ELIXIR CZ services/tools/expertise? *
19. Do you know that ELIXIR CZ offers both computing and storage capacities? *
20. In which city would you like to attend the info days ?
Clear selection
21. Do you have anything else to say?
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