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Are you trying to DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS? Contact the TBS Project team for support. TBS may be able to assist you to identify and solve the problems that are preventing your business from increasing sales or reaching new customers. TBS offers customized assistance to help local businesses to expand their products/services, increase sales, increase product/service quality, or access new markets. To see if you are a potential candidate for this assistance fill out this form, or contact us at info@biatcenter.org .
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All information provided through this application is confidential under the Data Protection Declaration, which you can find in the following link bit.ly/tbs_dataprotection .

For more information about the selection criteria use the following link bit.ly/tbs_criteria .

This is the first phase of the project which is data collection, at a later phase our field officers and business expert will contact you to fill out a small diagnosis of your business , after which your portfolio will be given a grade and submitted to a selection committee. The selected businesses will be granted business support and technical support, in addition to in-kind grants that are distributed after a business plan competition is conducted.
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