Buffalo Commons Charter School Community Survey
Please answer the following questions to help our team continue to plan for the success of Buffalo Commons Charter School. Thank you for your time, feedback, and support. Your input is very important to us.
To what extent do you support new charter schools in Buffalo?
What kind of special school programs do you want to see more of in Buffalo? (check up to 2 boxes)
Rank each of the following school values in order of importance. One (1) being the most important and six (6) being the least important.
Student diversity
Academic rigor
Problem solving and creativity
Connections between curriculum and the local community
High quality teachers and leaders
Small school environment
How likely would you be to recommend Buffalo Commons to a parent or enroll your own child there?
Not likely
Extremely likely
Do you have school age children in the Buffalo area?
Which type of school(s) do they attend?
How would you rate your family's school experience?
Very Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
Additional Comments
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