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By clicking 'yes' to request Staci Hart ARCs, you are acknowledging that each ARC is copyrighted material protected by federal copyright laws.

Further, by accepting advanced copies from Staci Hart, you agree that you will not distribute, copy, or share your copy of any Staci Hart ARC to any person or entity without prior written consent from Staci Hart. If it is discovered that you have violated this agreement, Staci Hart reserves all legal rights available to it, including pursuing a lawsuit for breach of contract which may claim damages including, but not limited to, lost profits caused by the violative distribution.

Additionally, by accepting advanced copies from Staci Hart, you agree that your review will not contain spoilers. Should Staci Hart or a representative of her behalf determine that your review contains spoilers and contacts you to remove the offending language, you agree that you will do so as soon as is reasonably possible.
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