SourceCred attribution feedback
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What repository are you providing feedback for?
(e.g.: torvalds/linux)
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How familiar are you with the above project?
In your estimation, who *should* be the top ~10 contributors?
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What did the cred attribution get wrong?
(e.g.: "this person was ranked highly, but mostly just bikesheds in discussions", or "this contribution was critically important but undervalued")
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What did the cred attribution get right?
(e.g., any interesting insights that you hadn't realized previously?)
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If possible, can you provide the version string in the bottom-right of the SourceCred website that you're using?
It looks something like "(v0.1.0-508fbc5d7251-20180906-1906-clean-production) v0.1.0".
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Anything else you'd like to add?
(e.g., feature suggestions, usability feedback, your favorite color)
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Optional: What is your GitHub handle?
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