UTFOLD Executive Form Fall 2020
Executives are the backbone of a club, and though each position has its respective duties, heavy collaboration between ALL executives is the order of the day for any project. You will probably need to perform tasks not listed in the Constitution, but the senior executives will make sure you are not overmatched. Before you submit campaign materials, realize that when you become an executive, the trajectory of the club will be shaped by your hands.
Positions Available: Vice President External, Director of Finances (Treasurer), Director of Art, Secretary, Director of Media and Communications, & Director of Photography
Please make sure that you have read (or at least skimmed) the club Constitution before proceeding.
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Executive Descriptions
The Constitution is a document outlining the minimum requirements for each role. If you are interested in receiving CCR (recognition from the university) for your contributions to UTFOLD or want to better understand what each executive does, read the detailed descriptions directly below.
Vice President External
A CCR-approved Vice President External will spend 41-80 hours within the club. Usually, the VPE gets the opportunity to communicate with club sponsors and human resources staff from hospitals/libraries/companies, but that role will be greatly diminished due to this school year's circumstances. Instead, the VPE should become familiar with Coordinator programs like STORYgami and SickKids x UTFOLD, brainstorming with the Coordinators on how to keep these events alive virtually or resume smoothly in a future semester.
Most of those 41-80 hrs. will come from attending 60% of the group's workshops for the year. The Vice President External will host or co-host two origami workshops. No prior origami experience is needed, as one can always spend the first semester developing folding fundamentals and choose simple models to teach near the end of their term.
One fun duty of the Vice President External is suggesting online social events to the executive team. The VPE will find easily-accessible activities that build camaraderie between all members of the club. A less exciting but equally important duty is attending mandatory Ulife/UTSU meetings when the Co-presidents are unable to go. These meetings include 1-2 Ulead events through Microsoft Teams, and they will not total to over five hours.
Director of Finances (Treasurer)
A CCR-approved Director of Finances will spend roughly 41-80 hours in UTFOLD for combined executive duties and general meeting attendance. The DoF keeps a record of all revenues and deficits on the CPSIF budget sheet, reimburses members for the purchase of origami paper using the UTFOLD PayPal, and works with the Co-presidents on the UTSU and Engineering Society funding applications. In the past, we wrote down one description per Weekly Fold for the funding applications, which led to these documents being 15 and more pages long. The point was to explain why we bought the types of paper we did and for what purpose. However, since members will now be buying their own paper, all Weekly Folds can aggregate into a single description. This should significantly reduce the writing burden on the DoF. UTSU's funding application is unfortunately due in the final exam season of the Fall Semester, so the Treasurer should put in a biweekly effort to update information lest they want to be in pain for December.
Financial transparency is one of the greatest values within UTFOLD. In the previous school year, we were the only club at U of T that publicly posted our funding application. The DoF has the duty of reimbursements as we shift from buying paper as a group to buying paper as individuals. We will make the transaction history of PayPal viewable to all, to show that members are being reimbursed on the correct schedule and at the amount promised.
Director of Art
Important: All candidates for Director of Art 2020-2021 are highly encouraged to link the best digital work they have drawn in the span of two hours. Additional art pieces that have taken longer than two hours to make or were made by hand can also be submitted. There is no theme. In this way, the members will be able to vote partially off of artistic merit.
A CCR-approved Director of Art will spend 41-80 hours or 80+ hours (at their discretion) in UTFOLD for combined executive duties and general meeting attendance. There are currently 27 workshops in UTFOLD's itinerary, the DoA will be expected to create promotional materials for up to 16 of these workshops. As such, it is important that the DoA is someone highly creative, not too slow at drawing or willing to put in more time than the average person, and artistically savvy or determined to improve. The DoA has permission to put their signature on the banner as evidence of their contribution to the club.
UTFOLD values professionalism in its banners because they are the first thing the hospitals, schools, and libraries which collaborate with us see. Thus, the Director of Art should have an eye for what colours go well together, which fonts are most thematically fitting, and be moderately dedicated to cleaning up low resolutions or rough edges.
Communication is also important for the DoA. The DoA should respond to a message in their preferred social media about banner deadlines within 12 hrs. (extended for messages sent at night). The model will always be confirmed at least one workshop in advance. The DoA should make time between Saturday evenings and Tuesday mornings to draw and send a completed copy to the Discord staff chat. Of course, should the DoA have a midterm early on in the week or another more important task, they are welcome to take extra time if the rest of the executive team knows. If those obligations are overwhelming, then the executive team will also be ready to take on the DoA's responsibilities for that week. This year, the DoA will not be expected to make personalized monthly calendars, pamphlets, merchandise, business cards etc.
A CCR-approved Secretary will spend roughly 41-80 hours in UTFOLD for combined executive duties and general meeting attendance.
The Secretary has a handful of duties, all integral to the success of the club. Each year, UTFOLD has to fill out multiple recognition and funding forms. Although the Secretary will not be directly filling out the forms, the Secretary will be responsible for many files that get sent to the committees overseeing UTFOLD.
At the very start of the semester, the Secretary will be given access to the UTFOLD Google Account and all of its files. The Secretary will write minutes for the first executive meeting. A template already exists. Responses of the UTFOLD registration form on the club website should be checked biweekly until mid-October and then at the start of each month as the school year progresses. The Secretary will use that information to update the listserv email list. Our membership list is synonymous to the Google Docs attendance sheet. The Secretary collects information from workshop attendees, such as their real name, U of T email (alt. email plus U of T student number), and faculty.
A CCR-approved Secretary is expected to drop by each workshop (90+%) to collect attendance. They are exempt in the case of an important schedule conflict (e.g. exam), but then must send evidence of conflict to ut.fold@gmail.com. Attendance should be updated no later than 24 hrs. after a workshop.
Director of Media and Communications (Webmaster)
A CCR-approved Director of Media & Communications will spend roughly 41-80 hours in UTFOLD for combined executive duties and general meeting attendance.
The DoMC's main strengths as an executive member should be professionalism/charisma in writing and responsiveness. Before each workshop, the DoMC will receive the banner drawn by the Director of Art, Art Associate, or another executive member. The instructor(s) will describe the difficulty of the model and add in other helpful facts such as the model's origin or what kind of paper is being used. The DoMC will then string together the information to make an informative (professional) or fun (charismatic) post. If the event description needs to be incredibly detailed or lengthy, the co-presidents will write it instead.
The DoMC has access to all UTFOLD email and social media accounts and is the person responsible for sending the information out and troubleshooting minor technological difficulties. Typos and grammatical errors are advised against, so reading over material before making it public is important.
After workshops, the DoMC works alongside the Photographer, VPI, and occasionally the DoA to publicly share how the workshop went. UTFOLD has an Instagram account, and the DoMC can suggest additional forms of social media.
Here is an example of a post written by 2018-2019's DoMC:
A-a-achoo! (>_<)
Well, it’s that time of the year again… You’ll be hearing coughs and sniffles from every corner of your lecture hall for the next few weeks. But, fear not, UTFOLD is here to help!
Join us next Friday to learn how to fold mini origami tissue boxes - now there's a good solution for the sniffles! The difficulty level of the mini tissue boxes is easy-intermediate, so we encourage origami folders of all skill levels to come out to this workshop.
We’ll be in SS 1080, from 5 to 7 PM - hope to see you there! o(^▽^)o
Director of Photography
A CCR-approved Director of Photography will spend roughly 41-80 hours in UTFOLD for combined executive duties and general meeting attendance. A professional camera is not required for this position, but using one would help immensely in club recognition and applications.
The DoP takes high-quality photos of the origami they finish folding at 60+% group's workshops. The DoP can spend time pairing the origami with an aesthetic background and positioning models in an artsy way. If the DoP lacks experience in photography, they must be willing to search for inspiration online or from the Collegiate Origami Discord Group (where all other origami clubs across the globe show off what they've folded). The DoP can learn how to use free editing software such as GIMP to assist the DoA in designing banners.
Each year, UTFOLD photos are included in the Skulebook, the official yearbook of the Engineering Society. Photos of our origami have also been published in news, e.g. The Varsity.
Which executive position(s) are you running for? (Check NO MORE THAN 2 of the options below. The Exec position you get will be determined by a combination of your preference and the election results.) *
Submit your campaign materials here! The members will see what you type here, word-for-word, when they vote. There is no limit on text and links. We encourage a 1-2 min. video that explains (1) why you want to be an Executive for UTFOLD, (2) what you want to learn about origami, and (3) related experiences that qualify you for the position. *
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