Thank you for making a copy of this Forms template! Feel free to customize to make it work for you and your students. If you have questions, contact me at mari.venturino@gmail.com or @MsVenturino. I'd love to hear how it's working with your learners!

Here's my blog post on how I use this with my students: https://mariventurino.com/2017/10/13/daily-check-in-with-google-forms/


Good morning or good afternoon!
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How are you today?
Have younger students? Try replacing these questions with different emojis to represent how your students feel.
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Skipped breakfast
Best breakfast ever
In general, how are things outside of class? *
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One of the best days of my life
Anything I need to know?
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Warm-up questions
Look up at the board for the questions!!
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