2020 International Collaboration and Exchange Program Registration Form
Registration form for program participants- Before you sign up :1) please ensure that you will have time to commit to the full program for the small group sessions and the large group conferences; 2) if your school needs permission to participate please ensure your ICE program faculty approved
I am a student at *
Name (first and last) *
Email address 1 (school email)
Email address 1 (private email)
Are you interested in the travels (Please note "yes-I commit" will trigger that the program will look for a laboratory for you; for "Yes- but do not want to commit" the deadline for letting the program know is the end of November/early December; first come first serve basis)
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Preferred university for exchange travel ("no preference" has the highest chance for placement; please note the program is a networking program with limited slots. When committing to travel you are signing up to network with your peers in the partner schools)
I am a *
Please rank your preferred country and city for student exchange from the list above (list up to 3; start with your first choice; no preference has the highest chance for placement)
Research interest (i.e. "Immunology",... if no preference write "zero". The more specific you are the less likely is a match and placement)
I am
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I am
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Enter your year of school *
Phone number (start with country code)
Whatsapp number or email (if you have)
Facebook name (if you have)
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Twitter ID (if you have)
Prior research experience
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Columbia students only - I have attached my two consent forms (without consent forms we cannot assign a group to you) *
Faculty approval obtained *
If you are traveling over the summer are you willing to sublet your apartment to incoming ICE students?
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Are you willing to serve as a "buddy"/socialize with incoming ICE travel students
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Are you interested in being a social leader for the travel students next summer (i.e. organizing social activities for the incoming students?) *
I commit to the full program and will check my email and the website for updates. If I need to drop out I will notify my National Student Leaders, my group and the program immediately. *
I am interested in analyzing research data on the program in the future (scholarly research work) - optional research
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