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Our Purpose
Twitch Interactive is home to over 2 million prodigious and talented Broadcasters, many of whom are driven by passion, purpose, and values that make them unique. Every day, thousands of these individuals are embraced by the incredible communities they have assembled on the platform, and no matter how big or small, Broadcasters take pride knowing that their hard work is shared and recognized by individuals they can call, a family.

"When I set out on my journey into the mysterious realm of Twitch, I made certain to ask myself two very important questions: 'Why do I want to be a Broadcaster?' and, 'What do I hope to achieve?' From the very beginning, I have made COMMUNITY my most crucial focus on Twitch." -DardanosOfFate

A Broadcaster sets the tone for their Community. They determine what type of individuals they want to be involved in it, they determine what kind of language is acceptable and not acceptable. Ultimately, the Broadcaster shapes their Community to be a reflection of them, based on their Values, Beliefs, Opinions, and so forth.

The Purpose of forming the Caelestis Gaming Network can be summed up in one simple phrase: Collective Communities to Call Home. We aim to create environments that are Warm, Welcoming, Accepting, and Loving. We hope to accomplish this through our Values:

Our Values
CGN is built on three Core Values:

• EQUALITY - Everyone matters. We encourage others to speak up, listen and be respectful of everyone's opinions. We accept individuals regardless of age, race, creed, sexual orientation, and so forth. We honor each others differences and learn for their experiences. Together we are a family.

• RESPONSIBILITY - As a Broadcaster, it is my responsibility to establish a space that is Safe, Welcoming, Accepting, Loving, and free of Toxicity, Bigotry, Homophobia, Hate Speech, and Bullying of any kind. We pride ourselves in being an environment individuals can call home.

• HONESTY - Transparency. Integrity. Honesty. These are crucial to any successful brand. Your ability to remain open builds a level of trust between you and your community. Strong relationships allow you to accomplish more than you would be able to otherwise. Developing an emotional connection brings a family closer together.

Our Objective
Our objective within creating this Network will widely be shaped by the Broadcasters we assemble. We want to work with these individuals to create new social networks, cooperatively achieve goals, create new friendships, and help our Communities come together, untied as a Family on Twitch.

'Work Together, Grow Together, Support Our Own.'

The Network Members will need to be individuals who are Passionate, 'Hungry' and prepared to Grind. Individuals looking for an opportunity to grow their own Brands and Businesses while still being able to support those within the Group. We want individuals who can collaborate and share ideas, respect each others Values and Opinions, and ultimately be able to work side by side, even in suit of differences and disagreements.

'Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.'

We want to create a Group that is relevant, a Group that shares the Core Values that CGN will be built on. Through common interest and dedication we hope to achieve success, together. We will take opportunities to meet, plan, and organize. We will help each other along the way. Through shared experiences, we will learn from our mistakes and discover new solutions.

We want to make it clear that in no way will we ask YOU to change for US. Every Broadcaster on Twitch is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Our focus is to bring together individuals with common interests, and to unite multiple brands under one Banner. That stated, we must ensure that the integrity of the Caelestis Gaming Network is not jeopardized, and as such, we will look for individuals who hold true to the Core Values from which it will be founded upon.

In Closing
We are the Caelestis Gaming Network: Collective Communities to Call Home. Take ease in knowing that all applicants will be reviewed and considered. If you have any questions please reach out to the Group Director: DardanosOfFate
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