Volunteer Hours Tracking Form
All Jefferson County 4-H volunteers are encouraged to use this form to input your estimate of monthly volunteer hours and to share the impacts you make to the 4-H Youth Development Program. Data will be used to see how we are meeting our Volunteer Engagement Goal in our 2016-2021 CSU Extension Strategic Plan. We have a goal to increase engagement of trained volunteers from 18,000 hours to 23,000 hours by 2021, which is a 30% increase. Thank you for volunteering and for helping us track our progress to meeting this goal!
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How many hours did you volunteer for 4-H this month? Please estimate as accurately as possible. *
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An impact statement is a brief summary of the outcome of your 4-H program. Please select the outcomes that have resulted from your volunteer program this month. *
Please share a brief impact statement that shows improvements to the quality of life in these areas for the people with whom you are working. (Optional)
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