PAM 2018 Creators Registration Form
Please fill up this form if you plan to participate in the Creators Hub area of Penang Anime Matsuri 2018 (PAM18).

Penang Anime Matsuri 2018 will be held on 7th & 8th July at Setia Spice Convention Center.

Please note that this is a registration of interest DOES NOT confirm your participation in the event. If you have been short-listed via artwork review, you will be contacted by a representative of PAM18 for a follow-up.
** We regret to inform that only selected participants will be notified.

Please ensure all information entered is accurate. The organizers are not responsible if contact of successful circles cannot be established due to inaccurate information, and the place will be given to the next successful circle.

Please read and understand the following for information related to the Creators' Hub for PAM18.
Eligible Goods for Circles (must be of own creation / self-created)
1. Printed Works
- Manga/Doujinshi/Comic
Original or fanbook from existing series.
- Artbook
Original or fanbook from existing series
- Light Novel/Literature
Original series or fan fiction

2. Digital Works
- Music
Original or cover performance from existing song
- Game
Original (usage of characters from official IPs are strictly prohibited)
Any platform
- Movie/Animation
Original or spin-off/parody

3. Various Merchandises, accessories and apparels

All artists are required to send in their artwork for content approval.
* All works on display and/or for sale must be compliant to the host government's media regulations.

Booth Package & Price
For 2 days event on 7th & 8th July

Creator Booth Package at MYR 600/booth, includes:
1 x Table [1.2m(L) x 0.75m(W) x 0.75m(H)]
2 x Chairs
2 x Exhibitor's passes (More passes available for sale)

*** Selected applicant for the 1st batch will be contacted on 16th April 2018 with more details.
*** Booth availability is subject to first-come-first serve basis

** All artists are required to send in their artwork for content approval **
Please fill in as per accordingly the following details which MUST be the SAME as per details that will be used as participant in PAM 2018.
Circle's Name *
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Point of Contact's Name *
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Please indicate the number of booths you are interested in applying for (this will be the confirmed number of booths if you are selected) *
Please provide a download link (or multiple links) to samples of your artwork (Works that will be used/sold at the booth during PAM18) *
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Brief description of what your circle will be selling *
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1. Creators Hub booth owners are only allowed to exhibit and sell goods or merchandise that utilize artwork of their own creation (self-created), based on the FINAL PRODUCT LIST (14 days before event day) with pictures of artwork submitted to the organizer for content approval by the given deadline.

2. Creators Hub owners may not sell products made using artwork from other artists or groups, without written and signed permission from artwork owner.

3. Creators Hub booth owners may not sell any goods or merchandise with overt depictions of homosexuality and scenes of sexual natures. Booth owners are to exercise their own discretion in creating their work. Organizers reserve the right to determine whether said works cross the line.

4. Creators Hub booth owners may not sell items that are pirated, e.g. figures that are not manufactured by the original maker, self-made merchandise using original artwork etc. (does not apply to art work of own creation).

5. Creators Hub booth owners may not sell parallel-imported, anime original goods and cosplayers-related items.

6. Creators Hub booth owners are not allowed to use characters from official IPs for their digital games or animated products to be sold at this event

7. Should there be any complaints on the artwork on sale of items, the organizing committee reserves the right to take action upon the Creators Hub booth operator in question, on a case-by-case basis.

8. The organizer reserves the right to remove any booth owner without refund if the booth owner is deemed to have violated the spirit of the above rules

9. Exhibitor agrees to use the pass wisely. Any misuse of the pass will be subjected to heavy penalty, and possible blacklisting from future events.

10. The decision of the organizer is final and no appeals will be entertained. The organizer will not respond to any inquiries from groups that have not been shortlisted.

11. All exhibitors are responsible for their belongings. The Organizer will not be responsible any loss of personal property.

By filling in your personal details and contact information, you agree that Sozo Pte Ltd may collect and use your personal data, which you have provided in this form, for internal marketing purposes.

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1. Information sent by our organisation about our organisation’s products and services, including updates on our latest promotions and new products and services.
2. Information sent by our organisation on selected third parties’ products and services, such as updates on their latest promotions and their new products and services.

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