Volunteer with the Human Rights Campaign at Salt Lake City (Utah Pride)!
Saturday, June 1, 2019
1:00pm - 11:00pm

Sunday, June 2, 2019
11:00am - 7:00pm

Washington Square, 451 So. State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Sunday, June 2, 2019
10:00am - 12:00pm

200 South & West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
HRC strives to provide meaningful volunteer experiences for all individuals who are interested. We recognize that everyone brings different strengths and abilities and we hope you will find your pride shift enjoyable and rewarding. As you consider signing up for a shift, please know that pride can be a busy environment with volunteers under tents and in close quarters, and festivals most commonly take place outdoors in hot weather. (Yes, water and snacks are provided!)

Volunteering at pride means talking to the general public about HRC's work, our resources and the importance of engaging in the LGBTQ civil rights movement. It also means asking for donations in order to sign people up as members. One of the benefits of signing up or renewing a membership at pride is that it comes with a "free" item! Free with donation, that is. Part of your responsibility will be to maneuver the tight quarters, bend below tables and reach into boxes to pull t-shirts, bags, hats or other items in correct sizes and collect contact information on tablets or handwritten on postcards.

Pride is fun and so important to our work. Most members who sign up at a pride are brand new to HRC and so you may be the very first person to explain to them that the equal sign logo is an actual organization fighting for equality! We greatly appreciate your time and energy and want to make sure that you have reasonable expectations about this experience in advance. Given that HRC simply participates at prides festivals and we are not the festival organizers, there are limitations on what we can control. If you have any questions about what you can expect from your shift, require any reasonable accommodations or have a question about accessibility please email us at pride@hrc.org.

On behalf of all of us at HRC, thank you and happy pride!

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Volunteer Code of Conduct
Standards of Good Conduct for HRC Volunteers


HRC’s reputation as a leader in the fight for LGBTQ equality is the result of decades of work on behalf of its members. It is HRC’s duty to safeguard this reputation for the benefit of its members and the organization’s continued good work. In order to sustain HRC’s positive image, all volunteers must demonstrate good conduct in dealings with and on behalf of HRC and in dealings with the community as a whole. Individual real and perceived actions that violate legal or ethical principles or their spirit or intent, compromise the organization and endanger its reputation. As a result, this may result in a person being relieved of their volunteer responsibilities and denied the privilege of volunteering for HRC in the future.

HRC’s champions equality in all areas of its engagement. Enabling volunteers, staff and participants to feel welcome and safe is a top priority. Volunteering with HRC is a privilege. As such, volunteers whose real and/or perceived behaviors run contrary to HRC’s ability to create and maintain a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment, whether those behaviors are intended or unintended, may be relieved of their duties.

Standards of Conduct

All volunteers are expected to follow the spirit and intent of these standards and avoid any actions that may be perceived as violating the standards. This list includes general standards of conduct. This list is neither exhaustive nor meant to cover all behaviors

Volunteers are the lifeline of our organization and we rely on their generous contributions of their time and effort in pursuit of HRC’s mission. By registering to volunteer with HRC, you agree to:

• Treat others with dignity and respect. As part of HRC’s commitment to equal opportunity, discrimination or harassment of any volunteer will not be tolerated. Derogatory or humiliating jokes, slurs, intimidation, or other harassing conduct is not acceptable. HRC volunteers have the right to engage in an environment free of sexual innuendo, inappropriate remarks, unwanted touching or advances and any other behavior that creates a harassing, hostile or offensive environment.

• Actively participate in proactively creating the most welcoming and inclusive environment possible for staff, other volunteers and the community at large. This is defined by abiding by the inclusive norms and behaviors that HRC has established and provides training to all volunteer son.

• Maintain a safe and secure environment by following all HRC security policies relating to personal and physical security and notifying the appropriate lead of any potential security risks, threats or incidents in a timely fashion.

• Deal openly and honestly with fellow volunteers, HRC staff and community members. Maintain the highest standards of fiduciary and ethical conduct and efforts in good faith, such that HRC’s mission of equality shall be advanced.

• Do not bring firearms and/or ammunition either in one of HRC’s places of business or while volunteering for HRC, even if you hold permits (open carry, concealed, etc.) for those materials.

• Report for volunteer duties free of impairment from alcohol and illegal drugs. HRC values the safety and well-being of our volunteers. We recognize that alcohol consumption by volunteers of legal drinking age may occur at HRC events. Volunteers are asked to conduct themselves professionally and bear in mind that you are always representing HRC, whether before or after responsibilities are completed. Consuming any alcohol prior to the completion of significant volunteer responsibilities is strongly discouraged.

• Serve as an ambassador for HRC. While volunteers do not act as an official agent or spokesperson for HRC, your connection is generally known to your personal and professional networks. Volunteers are asked to use their best judgment when deciding what information to post on social media, bearing in mind the volunteer role as ambassador, knowledge resource, relationship-builder and promoter for HRC. HRC encourages enthusiasm; however, volunteers are expected to verify their information is factually accurate, use their own voice (never post HRC information anonymously) and maintain confidentiality. If a volunteer is approached by the media for an official statement, please always refer them to HRC’s Communications department who handle all media inquiries concerning the organization’s position on issues affecting our community.

• Ensure a safe and secure environment for youth who wish to volunteer. HRC values, fosters, and encourages the leadership of young people in the movement for LGBTQ equality and offers significant structured opportunities for youth involvement and leadership through various programs. As such, HRC recognizes its special responsibility to minors that place their trust in the organization by volunteering and thus have the following guidelines for their volunteer participation:

 Minors may not join an HRC Steering Committee.
 Minors must obtain parental consent before volunteering at HRC events.
 Minors may volunteer at public events such as Prides, community events, town halls, lobby days, and annual gala dinners.
 Minors may not volunteer in residences or at other private events.
 People under 21 may not be served or consume alcohol, nor serve alcohol.

 Respect confidentiality. HRC routinely photographs and videos events and activities attended by volunteers, members, supporters and the general public. Consent forms are posted at events so that all attendees are aware that their image may be captured and they may tell the photographer or videographer if they wish not to be photographed or recorded. Minors will not be photographed or recorded without the express written consent of the parent of legal guardian. Volunteers are asked to act in accordance to this commitment to respecting confidentiality when photographing events they are working, including ensuring signage is displayed accordingly.

 Volunteers are expected to put forth effort to avoid any real and perceived conflicts of interest and to always act in good faith and with the highest ethical standards.

If you cannot agree to conduct yourself in accordance with these standards, you are not eligible to volunteer with the Human Rights Campaign.
I have read and agree to the policies outlined in HRC's Volunteer Code of Conduct. *
Please direct questions to pride@hrc.org
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