DVS 6 - Dealers Signup Form
Do you sell something cool online that you'd like to advertise to a captive audience of horny evil queer people? Art commissions? Merchandise? Books? Zines? Music? Some other form of goods and/or services that we haven't thought of yet? Then the DVS Dealer's Den is for you!

DVS 6 will have a dedicated dealers den page on the official DVS 6 website, with listings and links for all of our dealers. Additionally, we'll be running short adverts throughout the convention over the course of the weekend. Dealers are also encouraged to host art streams or content related to their wares as a part of our convention programming.

If you would like to sign up for a programming slot in relation to what you are making/selling, head over to the programming signup form here!


1. DVS is an adults-only event. You must be over 18 to participate in any capacity.

2a. We do not allow the following content:
• Fascism
• Racism
• Sexism
• Homophobia
• Transphobia
• Sexualized Ageplay
• Bestiality/Zoophilia
• Non-Con
• Real firearms or weapons as the focus of a work
• Realistic snuff

2b. Content also must not violate the Picarto TOS. The majority of DVS, including most programming and dealer advertisement, takes place on Picarto, so dealer content must adhere to their TOS even if you are not directly streaming to Picarto. The Picarto Terms of Service can be found here, but the key takeaway is that while Picarto does allow erotic art and discussion of explicit topics, it draws the line at actual real-life pornography.

3. The following content is allowed but will require a content warning:
• Gore/Death/Snuff (Non-realistic)/Blood
• Watersports/Scat
• Feral
• Monsterfucking
• Hypnosis
• Consensual Non-Consent/Dubious Consent
• Trypophobia/Body horror
• Flashing lights
• Identity death
• Medical fetish
• Fake Swords
• Realistic appearing firearms (Such as airsoft or paintball guns)

This list is not exhaustive, and we are going to be playing it safe here. What makes people uncomfortable can be unintuitive and hard to predict, so even if your content doesn't fall under any of these, we may decide we want to put a content warning on it regardless. If this is the case, we'll let you know alongside your application acceptance. If you want any further details or clarification on what will/won't require a content warning, feel free to email us at dealers@d-v-s.online.

4. Communication is key. All Dealers are expected to maintain clear, prompt communication with DVS staff, primarily via email. Requests for information, requests for images for advertising purposes, and any other communication, will happen via email and the functioning of the convention including the creation of the conbook, our website, and other resources that features your content will rely on you answering your emails regularly. If you do not like checking or answering emails, do not sign up for DVS.

5. Filling out this form does not guarantee you a position. Please keep in mind that DVS reserves the right to reject a Dealer submission for any reason. 

Sound good? Then fill out this form by June 7th! With your help, we can make DVS 6 even bigger and better than before!
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