HVWiB Weekday Retreat Application
The fall will be busy! Are you ready?

Let's help you FOCUS to attract a steady stream of customers and CONSISTENT income to match.

During this day away, you'll get ORGANIZED and create a plan (or reinvigorate the one you started the year with!) to attract and retain more consistent, appreciative, paying customers to end the year strong.

There will be homework to help you make the most of the day, marketing and time management tactics shared, plus quiet time to work solo or in small groups, and opportunities throughout to have your questions answered by everyone in the room.

If you've attended before you know how energizing it is to be around the table with 10 other women business owners who "get it," and to receive the accountability and support you need to push through.

You'll leave feeling confident and clear -- not overwhelmed -- by what you're doing in the FOUR remaining months of the year. Put this on your calendar now and enjoy the rest of the summer knowing this is booked!!

HVWiB Weekday Retreat (three date options)

- Monday, September 23

- Wednesday, September 25

- Wednesday, November 6

The Forsyth B&B in Kingston, NY
Continental breakfast, delicious lunch plus afternoon wine & cheese spread
From 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Cost: $185

Special thanks to Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union (hvfcu.org) for their generous support!

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