Official POPStarter HDD Compatibility List, Rev13
Game Name *
The name of the game.
Region *
Game ID *
Format XXXX_012.34
Original Game *
Was your VCD made from an original (pressed) disc ?
Working (Int. HDD) *
Does the game work properly in your internal HDD ?
Hard Disk Drive Type *
Is your internal HDD IDE, SATA or PS2USB2 ?
VCD Size (MB) *
Size of the VCD (in Mega Bytes).
CUE2POPS Version *
The CUE2POPS version you used for making the VCD.
NTSC Patcher *
Did you patch the VCD using the vmode function of CUE2POPS ? If your game is a NTSC release, don't use the vmode function and choose "Useless". Select "Not Working" if CUE2POPS failed to patch the display.
BIOS Handler
If you used an external BIOS, please write down the model name of the machine here. Leave empty if you didn't.
GSM (0.23x) *
Did you try GSM 0.23x ?
Automatic PAL Display *
Refers to POPStarter's automatic PAL patch. "Working" = All good, "Bad Results" = Causes bad results, "Undefined" = Emulation is broken and you can't see anything, "Not Tried" = You've disabled it by a Patch or the game is NTSC.
Compatibility Mode(s) *
Forced modes that are required to fix emulation problem(s). Select modes only when they're needed, otherwise please choose "Not tried" or Choose "Default" if the game Work Fine.
Only available in the RIP 06 build. $WIDESCREEN is a CHEATS.TXT command. Choose "With Glitches" if textures/drawings are missing or distorted, "No Glitches" if it looks good, "No Effect" if it does not change anything, "Not Tried" if not tried.
Please tell us what the emulation issues are here (and describe how to fix them if you managed to do it...).
Rev Build *
The POPStarter Revision 13 build which was used.
Launcher Type *
The POPStarter executable format you've been using for playing the game (and other launchers).
Your username here.
Date of Add/Modif *
When you did add/modify that entry.
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