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Instructions to the Respondent:
The above named candidate made application for licensing as a ministerial student or as a licensed minister with the North Michigan District of The Wesleyan Church. The applicant/candidate has requested that you be one of the persons to make a candid evaluation to help our district board of ministerial development better evaluate the potential of the candidate. Nurture and counsel of the candidate will be advanced by an honest and frank assessment of each of the areas listed. The information you give will be used discreetly as a means of directing and assisting the candidate in discovering God's will concerning the ministry.
1. In what relationship did you know the applicant? For how long? *
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2. In your judgment, does the applicant demonstrate he/she has experienced genuine conversion? *
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3. In your judgment, does the applicant demonstrate a sense of God’s calling to vocational ministry? *
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4. How do you evaluate her/him as to:
Use a scale from 1-5 to evaluate with 1- Low and 5 - High
Low 1
5 High
Personal integrity / honesty
Maintaining a consistent Christian lifestyle
Cooperative spirit
Church attendance
Ability to meet and relate to people
Family relationships (with parents/spouse/children)
Depth of spiritual life
Reputation in the community
Personal appearance
Management of finances
Speaking ability, communication
Aptitude or potential for ministry
5. Have people been led to a personal relationship with Jesus and made a part of the local church body through the candidate's labors? *
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6. Have people grown spiritually due to the involvement of the candidate in their lives? *
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7. List the areas of greatest strength you see in the candidate. *
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8. List the areas you feel the candidate could improve and thereby enhance effectiveness as a person and as a ministerial aspirant. *
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9. In your judgment, does the candidate demonstrate social behaviors or a lack of social skills that could serve as a deterrent to effective ministry? If so, please explain. *
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10. In your judgment, does the candidate present any emotional or psychological issues that could serve as a deterrent to effective ministry? If so, please explain. *
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11. Give any other information that may be of help in understanding and advising the applicant in preparation for the ministry. *
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12. Are you aware of any circumstances, past or present, which cause you to question the applicant's qualifications for ministry? *
If yes, please provide details.
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13. Are there other individuals we should check with before licensing this person? *
13a. If yes, please identify them with contact information.
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14. Would you be willing to hire this person as a staff member in your church if you had an opening and available finances to provide for their employment? *
14a. If no, please explain.
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The information provided on DBMD No. 2 form is confidential.  It is only for use by the Wesleyan District Board of Ministerial Development and Wesleyan Church officials and will not be released or provided to any other parties.I hereby freely give permission for the use of this information by the district and general officials of The Wesleyan Church and waive my right to examine any confidential information about me provided by other persons.
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