It's Family Feud: MYSTERIUM EDITION! Here's the Survey, what do you Say?
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It's the constellation in the shape of a _____ ?
What is the last thing Atrus does before going on a trip?
If you could have an animal as a pet from the Myst universe, what would it be?
Esher wants to know… what’s in the Pizza Box?
Describe Todelmer in one word.
The DRC handed out socks during the company holiday party. What’s printed on the socks?
Quote a Memorable Line from Myst 3 Exile:
Atrus got Yeesha a pet cat- what does she name it?
What kind of Steak is Zandi grilling?
What disaster has Atrus’ Bad Parenting caused this time?
Describe Gehn in one word.
Name a smell you associate with Myst Island.
Name something that might make Sirrus shout “No!”
Name a taste you associate with Exile.
Phil Henderson made snacks for the DRC Holiday Party: What did he bring?
Name a texture feel you associate with Revelation.
Name a treasure you might find in Kadish’s Vault.
Name a Football team Douglas Sharper might follow after the Patriot’s latest flop.
Post-Revelation Yeesha has a gift for her parents: What does she give them?
What’s an absolute must have for your explorer’s pack?
Name a sight you associate with End of Ages.
Achenar lives! What new profession does he take up?
Quote a Memorable Line from Myst 4 Revelation:
Name a sound you associate with Riven.
Exile just turned 21, what type of cake did it get?
You’re having Tea with Yeesha- what’s her favorite kind of tea?
If you had the color-changing ink from the Channelwood natives, name something you’d make with it.
What’s the first thing Gehn does in the morning?
If Yeesha were to play a sport, what would it be?
Name an Age that would look absolutely beautiful in the Spring.
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