Career Exploration Carnival @ Taylor's University Lakeside Campus
Date : 13/1/2018 (Sat)
Time : 10am-4pm

Unsure what programmes to choose from and what career paths they may lead to?
What are some of the jobs that are in demand when you graduate?
Postgraduate Studies at Taylor’s University

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Commentary: Don't wait until graduation to find a job, begin university with end in mind

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1. Career in International Education - LIVE Streaming
2. Past, Present & Future Pharmacist
3. “食物科研学Culinology®(烹饪艺术+食物科学+食物科技):食品工业的未来需求
Hi-tea session with speakers (1030am-11am)
3. Culinology® (CULinary arts + food science + food TechNOLOGY): Future On-Demand in Food Industry
4. Where Do I Go from Here : Psychology as a Profession
5. MERGE : The Human-Technology Merge
Hi-tea session with speakers (1130am-12pm)
6. MREPC Scholarship Introduction
7. Postgraduate by Research: Opportunities at Taylor’s
8. Communication Careers in Digital Era
Hi-tea session with speakers (1230pm-1pm)
9. Bio-Sciences : the FUTURE
10. Careers in Taylor's Design Programmes
Hi-tea session with speakers (130pm-2pm)
11. Future Jobs : How Technology is Transforming the World
12. Humanistic Path In Medicine
Hi-tea session with speakers (230pm-3pm)
13. Future in Engineering
14. Career Path In Hotel Industry
Hi-tea session with speakers (330pm-4pm)
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1. Career In International Education" by Dr Logendra
Teaching is a global profession that will allow you to grow personally and to bring meaning to pupils’ lives.   Teaching, as a profession particularly within the international segment, has seen a rapid growing trend in Malaysia and regionally.  We have approximately 150 international schools in Malaysia and 1500 international schools within South East Asia.  Come, joint us at our virtual town hall, and meet your recent graduates, a Head of an International School and the Dean of Taylor’s School of Education.  You will have opportunities to ask questions about the profession, employment prospects and the degree programme. 
2. Past, Present & Future Pharmacist
Ever wondered what pharmacists have done, are currently doing or could possibly do? Well this talk is just for you! The speaker, who has worked in community pharmacy, hospital and is active in research, will look into the various roles of a pharmacist. It is not just about dispensing medicines! Pharmacists can choose to be in a clinical or non-clinical role. Both soft skills and entrepreneurial skills are crucial and should be embedded in every pharmacist. Being a pharmacist can be extremely rewarding when you choose the right career path for you.
5. MERGE : The Human-Technology Merge
PHD launched its seventh publication, ‘Merge | The closing gap between technology and us’, at Cannes with world leading inventor, futurist and author, Ray Kurzweil.

Merge features a forward by Ray Kurzweil, as well as exclusive interviews from inspiration business leaders , world-renowned academics and pioneering researchers, including: Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, Dave Coplin, Microsoft’s principal tech evangelist and Greg Corrado, senior research scientist at Google and co-founder of Google Brain.

Merge explores the urgent implications for marketing and reveals exciting new opportunities for brands. Crucially, it identifies what needs to be done today in order to prepare for tomorrow – a future in which humanity and technology become inextricably linked. The next three decades will be the most technologically disruptive era in human history. Advances in artificial intelligence, combined with radical breakthroughs in hardware, will usher in an era that sounds like science fiction today. Devices will face away, virtual environments will emerge and super-smart AI assistants will organize our lives and run our businesses. In this new world, our relationship with technology will change forever. We will, both virtually and biologically, Merge together.

Come the merge, will your head be plugged into the cloud, or buried in the sand?
6. MREPC Scholarship Introduction by MREPC CFO
MREPC Scholarship Awards for Undergraduate Studies :
These scholarships are awarded to students who have obtained excellent results in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) examinations, (Diploma, Foundations and Pre-U programmes)

MREPC Scholarship Award offers :
· Tuition fees
· Living allowance
· Internship opportunities
· Employment opportunities with industry upon graduation

Fields Offers :
· Engineering in Chemical/ Mechanical/ Electrical & Electronic/ Industrial/ Material/ Energy
· Polymer Science & Technology
· Environmental Studies
· Economics/ Marketing/ Business Studies/ Accountancy/ Statistical Analysis
· IT/ Computer Science / Computer System Engineering
9. Bio-Sciences - the FUTURE by Dr Phelim
Science explains the mysteries of nature, the wonders of life and the unbending laws of the universe. Science underpins our very existence. We argue however, that anyone can love science and still pursue any career they wish. Science facilitates our understanding of life and all the little interactions that happen between ourselves and other people, and with our environment. So really if we think about it, most jobs require us to understand people in the context of our environment so that the task we do can be successful. Join us in this career exploration carnival and learn how you will be developed in your critical thinking skills, effective communication and internship programme that will build character towards a career of your choice.
11. Future Jobs : How Technology is Transforming the World by Dr David
Human kind will experience a huge change beyond 2020. Innovation is growing at an exponential rate, disrupting many of the traditional jobs and giving way to new kinds of jobs. Among the innovations are bio-technology, smart materials, 3D printing, IoT, Big Data Analytics and visualisation. This is going to create an entire new economy and societal model. This presentation will highlight some of the new challenges and the expectation of the future industries. Don’t miss this opportunity to peep at the future.
12. Humanistic Path In Medicine by Prof Chin
13. Future In Engineering by Dr Mohsen
From urban centers to remote corners of Earth, the depths of the oceans to space, humanity has always sought to transcend barriers, overcome challenges, and create opportunities that improve life in our part of the universe. In the last century alone, many GREAT ENGINEERING ACHIEVEMENTS became so commonplace that we now take them mostly for granted. Technology allows an abundant supply of food and safe drinking water for much of the world. We rely on electricity for many of our daily activities. We can travel the globe with relative ease, and bring goods and services wherever they are needed. Growing computer and communications technologies are opening up vast stores of knowledge and entertainment. As remarkable as these engineering achievements are, certainly just as many more great challenges and opportunities remain to be realized. While some seem clear, many others are indistinct and many more surely lie beyond most of our imaginations.”1 In this talk, I will briefly explain the grand challenges and the role of engineers to address them.
14. Career Path In Hotel Industry by Ms Haylen
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