Experience KOREAN Culture Day
The event will be held via password-protected Zoom.
Zoom invitation will be sent via the email provided below to the event.

FREE for KCul Korean school students.
$15 for non-Korean school students that includes delivery by mail for 2 pieces of 10 grams of Gochujang (Korean chili sauce) and Jegi.
Pay fee here: https://www.kculkoreanschool.org/resources
Contact us at (484) 213-4603 or kculkoreanschool@gmail.com
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A free Jegi and Gochujang will be delivered home to those attending this event for a cooking Bibimbob and Jegichagi. Do you want them? If yes, what is the address?
Hangul T-shirts ($10) are provided for those who wish. Do you want Korean T-shirts? If yes, what is your size? Please make a check to : KCul Korean School 6934 Old York Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19126 or Pay by paypal: https://www.kculkoreanschool.org/tshirts
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