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We're outgrowing our MySQL roots and migrating our big data to Mongo. Within a year we expect ~10 billion documents in a clustered Mongo DB, and we need you to help our PHP dev team start and progress on solid footing. We're the world's biggest chess website; we will mix our MySQL and Mongo for years to come, with massive amounts of data flowing seamlessly between the two. We need an expert to help us thrive in this blended environment.

- Expert in Mongo index tuning and document structure
- Experience in large scale MongoDB deployments (minimum 100m documents)
- Strong familiarity with clustered MongoDB, replication, and failover concerns
- No stranger to MySQL: will handle migration, coordination, and integration with Mongo data
- Major plus: strong PHP with the Doctrine ODM
- Triple plus: deep Network Engineer / SysAdmin skills

- 100% remote company
- Great team, flexible lifestyle
- Yearly in-person meetups

We look forward to meeting you!

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