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PARKING RULES AND REGULATIONS I.VEHICLE REGISTRATION A) All Enka High School students who drive a vehicle on the Enka High campus for any period, however short, must immediately register each vehicle. B) Student permits must be attached to the rear view mirror with the number facing forward and be visible at all times while parked. C) Parking permits may not be defaced, altered, or reproduced. D) Students must park in the grade level for which they are registered in PowerSchool. E) The parking fee is $45.00 for the year (price set by the Buncombe County Board of Education) and prorated as follows:Jan.--$30 Feb.--$25 Mar.--$20 Apr.--$15 May--$10 F) ALL PARKING PERMITS ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS G) Lost permits may be replaced for $45. H) Use of a lost or stolen permit will result in a Group III offense. II. PARKING RULES AND REGULATIONS The administration of Enka High School shall have the authority to remove, and or suspend/revoke driving and parking privileges on the Enka campus or retain a vehicle with a wheel boot lock as a result of the following violations: A) Operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner—this includes “burning rubber.” B) Parking in a place other than the assigned grade level. C) Attendance or tardy problems created by the operation of a vehicle (late to school.) D) Unauthorized leaving of school grounds with a vehicle. E) Failure to get out of cars immediately upon parking. (Group II Offense) F) Students are not to be in cars or the parking lot during the school day without permission. 1st offense – 1 week suspension of parking. 2nd offense – 1 month suspension of parking. G) Obey directional (One Way) signs and 10 mph speed limit. H) Students must leave campus immediately upon arriving at their cars. I) Backing into parking places is not allowed. J) Students who have their parking permit revoked will not receive a refund.. Enka High School cannot assume responsibility for any damage done to automobiles or any acts of vandalism while cars are parked on Buncombe County School Property. I have read and agree to follow the Enka High School parking rules and regulations: *
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Bring your payment of $45.00 to the Bookkeeper in the Main Office and you will receive your hang tag at that time. (Cash or check only. Make checks payable to Enka High School.)
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