LMSA National Member Survey
Dear LMSA member: LMSA National plays a critical role in supporting LMSA local, regional, and national members on their strategic plan, annual activities and personal and professional development. This survey aims to assess the needs and thoughts of individual members, as well as give us valuable demographic data.

~|~|~  Everyone that completes the survey will receive a coupon code for 10% off your entire purchase at the LMSA store and be entered for a chance to win other prizes!  ~|~|~

The information collected will help us build and strengthen our national network of support for Hispanic, Latino/a/x trainees across the country.   Please take a moment to provide your information.  The survey takes approximately 5-10 minutes.  If you have any questions please email LMSA CDO Gualberto Muñoz or Deputy CDO Caroline Paz at membership@lmsa.net.

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Currently, what specialties are you interested in pursuing for residency? *
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If you are an M4/OMS4, which specialties are you applying to this cycle?
Do you know your current LMSA Chapter leadership team? *
Do you self-identify as Hispanic or Latina/o/x? *
Which of the following terms do you most identify with? *
How confidently can you define the term Latinx? *
Not Confident
Very Confident
What are your feelings of support of the term Latinx?
3 is indifferent
Completely Opposition
Complete Support
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What are your feelings of support of the term Latine?
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Complete Support
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If you have any other thoughts about the terms Latina/o/x, feel free to share:
Race (if prefer to self-describe, please specify) *
What do you identify as your National background/heritage?   *
Ex. Colombian, Puerto Rican; For more than one please separate with a '+' Ex. Mexican + Guatemalan
Gender Identity (if prefer to self-describe, please specify) *
Do you identify as transgender? *
Sexual orientation (if prefer to self-describe, please specify) *
What Languages did you grow up speaking at home? *
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Due to COVID19, does your school currently have travel restrictions that could hinder your ability to attend LMSA conferences in-person? *
Mark which events you are planning to attend: *
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As a member, what type of programming at the regional or national conferences would inspire you to attend the conferences? *
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How long have you been active in LMSA? *
Are you an LMSA National dues paying member? *
If unsure, send an email to membership@lmsa.net to check your status
If "No", why not? *
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Which member benefits are you familiar with or used? *
Check all that apply. These benefits are open to all National dues-paying members of LMSA
How did you find out about LMSA member benefits? *
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We are constantly looking to update and increase member benefits. What are some benefits from National Membership that you would like to see and why? *
(Exam prep, specific programming, etc)
How do you engage/interact with LMSA and other student organizations? *
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Any topics or issues you would like National LMSA or the faculty advisors to consider?
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