Become an Affiliated group!
This form is targeted at local civil society organisation that want to be affiliated with the Open Knowledge network in their countries.

We aspire to have one group per country. Please check to see if there is an active group in your country. We will consider two groups in a country on a case to case basis.

Please read more on affiliated group role and responsibilities on our website

1. Where is your group located? *
Please check on if there is already a Local Group or Chapter in your country - in that case please get in touch with them instead to join the existing group.
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About the organisation
Please let us know about your organisation
2. Organisation name *
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3. Organisational website
Does your org has a website or a blog?
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4. Organisational Twitter profile
Please put in the organisational twitter profile (@name), (if you have one).
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5. Facebook profile
Please put in the full URL of your organisation Facebook profile (if you have one).
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6. Briefly describe what does your organisation does *
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7. Please tell us why you would like to be affiliated with us? *
What motivation lies behind your application and what do you hope to accomplish by having a Local Group in your country?
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8. What would you describe as your planned main focus areas? *
(for example event organising, raising awareness in your local area, government lobbying, opening up datasets, targeting local media etc.)
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9. What community activities and ideas do you have in mind for your country or area? What would you like to do as a Local Group in the first year? *
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10. What kind of support would you like to have from the Open Knowledge International ?
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