The LEADER Project - Request for Partnership Form

The LEADER Project

For over two decades The LEADER Project has promoted economic development through business training. Historically LEADER has been based in former Soviet Republics, providing general management training to government officials, plant managers, and small subsets of entrepreneurs following the collapse of the USSR. Given the changing political and economic environment worldwide, LEADER expanded geographically to Haiti, Ethiopia, Macedonia, Serbia, India, and Nepal. Each site has focused specifically on helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch, scale, or improve small businesses.

LEADER’s primary expertise is in providing advanced training for entrepreneurs. Our participants benefit from case studies, lectures, workshops and individual coaching, all centered on entrepreneurship. We currently work with community organizations, chambers of commerce, and universities. Although our focus is on training, in rare situations we are able to help our partner organizations access other resources to help entrepreneurs launch businesses. Our trainers have all been educated at Canada’s leading business institution, Ivey Business School, at the PhD, MBA, MSc, and/or Honours in Business Administration level.

Partnership Opportunity

LEADER is currently seeking partners to run a program for two to three between mid-April and mid-May of each year. There is limited flexibility in dates for the program, but LEADER is open to discussing minor changes.

LEADER has flexibility in the nature of the partner organizations, but requires:

1. A commitment to driving social development through entrepreneurship

2. The ability to provide entrepreneurs with the resources required to make the launching or scaling of new ventures a realistic goal (i.e business plan support, improving access to finance, mentorship, networking opportunities, additional training)

3. Provision of logistical support, including accommodation, transportation, and a classroom with PowerPoint capabilities

4. Pre-selected participants, who are literate, have basic mathematical skills, and who have a passion and ability for entrepreneurship.

For more information on partnership opportunities please email the Executive Directors at

To partner with LEADER, please complete the following application and review the draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis.